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    Default Looking for Fresh Aldehydic

    The fragrance in Redken For Men Aquafy Moisturizing Shampoo is Fresh Aldehydic.
    What EdC or EdT has Fresh Aldehydic?
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    Default Re: Looking for Fresh Aldehydic

    Egoiste by Chanel
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    Default Re: Looking for Fresh Aldehydic

    Tommy T and Perry Ellis 360º.

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    Default Re: Looking for Fresh Aldehydic

    Supposedly Le Labo makes a fragrance called Aldehyde 44, but it's only sold in Dallas, Texas. I think i'll be headed down that way in a month or so- I'll try to snag some samples!

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    Default Re: Looking for Fresh Aldehydic

    Snailhorn, unfortunatley Le Labo don't do samples, you could allways take a vial and ask to make your own though ! Aldehyde 44 is at the Barney's in Dallas, I got my aunt to go all the way there to get me a sample, and they don't do samples *grumble* She said it smelt nice, lol.

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    Default Re: Looking for Fresh Aldehydic

    Acteur Azzaro is spicy aldehydic, and Tom of Finland is Fresh Aldehydic fougere
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