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    Default Re: Agarwood (oud) oil!

    So you asked for THE Oud Thaqeel?

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    Default Re: Agarwood (oud) oil!

    That clears that up, Oudh Seeker. Thanks for the clarification.

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    The first place I asked for it is in Makkah( holy Capital of KSA). I found the guy outside of his shop. I approached him, and asked him for Oud Thaqeel, but he perceived it as an oud that is thick in its nature. He asked: "You mean an oud with high viscosity?"

    "No, I want Al Qurashi's Oud Thaqeel" I answered.

    " Oh! This one costs SR10000, BTW" he said.

    " Whatever, just show it to me" I said.

    He brought out a bottle from the cabinet, took out the applicator, and I've seen just how damn thick the oil is. He wanted to give me a swipe, but changed his mind and only gave me a tiny touch by the tip.

    " Is this oud Cambodian?" I asked.

    " No, it's Indian" he answered.

    " What about Kalakassi?" I asked again.

    " This one is Indian, too, but not as old" he said.

    I don't want to make a novel out of it, but the other shop I bought it from said that Thaqeel is Indian, too. Seems like some sort of suspicion in the oud's origin background.

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    Oudh Seeker: I have one bottle which is labeled "Thankil 100 YRS Old Cambodia (Sticky Oudh)". There's an oud carried by Oudimentary called KSSS that smells very similar to Thaqeel which is also Cambodian.

    There does seem to be conflicting information.

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    Default Re: Agarwood (oud) oil!

    Well Bluemoon, this is an area that is out of my humble knowledge. I absolutely have no idea whether it's Indian or otherwise.

    I think I'll go to different ASAQ shops here and there and ask their salesmen about the oud's origin.

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    why dont you guys just email ASAQ? maybe the arabic speaking people would be better!

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    Default Re: Agarwood (oud) oil!

    I've emailed them Dred they never respond and it is nearly impossible to get a hold of them.
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    Oudh Seeker: I just got a PM from a BNer who said he was pretty sure he remembered the SA in the Medinah store saying ASAQ was Cambodian, and a SA in another shop referring to Thaqeel as "the Cambodian one". Maybe the next place you visit will say it's Indian. We may never know.

    To all: (Although this is only peripherally related to this discussion): CITES is making an effort to standardize grading of oils and chips, and it appears that more DNA analysis will be done to determine from which species woods and oils are sourced. I'm sure that consumers will benefit from their efforts.
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    Default Re: Agarwood (oud) oil!

    Interesting post Bluemoon, finally a universal ranking system for Oud.

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    non capisco il francese

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    You guys are pretty talented speaking 12 languages!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by acer3 View Post
    Lol @ dred! Hahaha you cracked me up when I read your remark

    Bonjour monsieur, c'était plutôt regrettable que vous ayez dû faire l'expérience d'un tel résultat ... J'espère que tout fonctionne pour le mieux pour vous ... En passant, bienvenue! Faites attention et avoir une bonne nuit!

    impressive FRENCH there acer! did you learn in france or was it Montreal ?

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    hey Acer stop telling this dude I am nuts in french! I see that word nuit!!

    my mother is from canada so I guess I am half would think I should know french!
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    Quote Originally Posted by MrP View Post
    By a strange coincidence I came across this site on a google search today as well. Tell us more, Yasin!

    Do you have any more Borneo 3000 that you want to sell? Please let me know.

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    Default Re: Agarwood (oud) oil!

    Taha, I am new to this communtiy, however I was visitng the Oudh Line store in Kuala Lumpur and the gentlmenan working there mentioned your name, which I would presume would be you. I did purchase some of therir Super Malaysian and Kalimantan oil, they are as you mentined above pretty woody & pungent.

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    Has anyone smelled Oriscent's Kyara Koutan? Or for that matter, does anyone have a bottle of their Kyara Ltd?

    I know the Kyara Ltd. is N/A. However, Oriscent states on its site words to the effect of it can be considered to be a proper "clone" of the Kyara Ltd. It's an awful lot of $$ so I'd really love to hear from someone who's experienced the Kyara Ltd. I have a bottle of their Borneo Kinam, which I love, but this seems to be a very different animal.

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    Default Re: Agarwood (oud) oil!

    @Mellysmelly, sorry for the belated response. Yeah, I've tried a few samples of their oils. They're okay for the price, although I'm not a big fan of their Malay and Kalimantan oil (especially the latter).

    @evbo: if you've tried Burmese Kinam, it's basically the same scent (many people actually believe it's the same oil given the fact that the smell is identical).

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    Quote Originally Posted by dcampen View Post
    ...Agarwood CO2 from Eden Botanicals? They say it is from Assam plantation grown trees...
    Quote Originally Posted by Maxwell View Post
    ...I like it, but it's not even close to being high quality oud...Eden Botanicals is very honest and says straight up that it's not good quality...very barnyard...
    Well, after an exhaustive two-year search, I have come to the sad conclusion that we live in a world where there is no there is no Oud For The Poor, due to blatant and systematic disregard for my belief that good oud is a basic human right.

    With a loud sigh of resignation that should have been heard round the world, but probably wasn't, I finally gave up and ordered me a $2 drop of that new-fangled "cultivated oud".

    It was either that or

    It was either that or this:

    Price: $8.00
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    I'm sure I'll have more to bleat about this elsewhere in the forum, but my Eden Botanicals $2 samples arrived today, and of course the first one I yanked out was their CO2 oud-Inspired Product.
    Quote Originally Posted by Abdul_Qa'im View Post
    ...As far as their CO2 oud, I'm not a big fan..
    It could be my weird chemistry, but I didn't really get a lot of "longevity," after
    Quote Originally Posted by SeaninDubh View Post
    wading through the 'barnyard hour'
    although it was certainly a very pretty oudesque smell, when the last teensy bits of Legacy Yesterouds I have are gone, I can't really see this as taking their place.

    On a more positive note, I really like the Vanuatu sandalwood! Though it is far from cheap, it is at least obtainable, and when my last little bit of Mysore Ancient of Days wends its inevitable way onto my skin and into the atmosphere, I think this is the one that will assume that throne on the shelf.

    A couple of people here found it harsh, but on me it isn't at all, after about 6 hours or so, it goes through a sort of smoky phase for a little while, then settles back down into blissful creamy dreamy sandalwoodhood and stays there until I wash it off, just like it's supposed to.

    And - if you layer it with a little smudge of the CO2 cultured or clonealized or synthesized or whatever it is oud-adjacent substance, it makes the oud smell last longer, and waltzes gracefully around with it!

    So, as it stands now, I will definitely get some of the Vanuatu sandalwood, and probably another $2 drop of the CO2oud, but if you have $, you will probably be happier getting a $20 drop of one of ham firl's various offerings...
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    Default Re: Agarwood (oud) oil!

    No one says you gotta love oud ONLY. ^_^

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    Quote Originally Posted by tahasyed View Post
    No one says you gotta love oud ONLY. ^_^
    Is that how I sounded?

    I guess it is human nature, that when something morphs into unobtanium, we tend to focus on it, kind of like the way the tip of your tongue is drawn to a sore tooth. And it is the oud thread.

    In the big picture, though, I am blessed with a love of all the great classic scents - oud, rose, sandalwood, ylang-ylang, khus (vetiver), jasmine, tuberose...

    I say "blessed" because if I did love only one or two, then situations like we currently have with oud and sandalwood would turn me into one sad puppy, trotting around smelling like soap and toothpaste with a top note of Tide.

    As an Authentic Poor Person, I enjoy applying the skills I have acquired over the years to finding workarounds that result in me obtaining things that I could not afford otherwise, whether that be discovering the beauty of that Vanuatu sandalwood - or that the little old lady down the street having a yard sale has no idea and/or does not care that the box marked "$5" contains, among the warped tupperware and busted Avon cream sachet jars, a hand-embroidered silk jacket older than me, an 18K gold chain upon which is suspended a 14mm aubergine South Sea pearl (it passed the tooth test), and a little box covered in purple flocking, inside which nestles a pointy little vial of L'Heure Bleue circa 1968.

    "Oh that foreign-smellin' stuff!" she hmmphed, making a little moue of distaste as I gleefully handed her a crumpled $5 bill with a hand already daubed with my new old Guerlain treasure.

    She looked at me slightly suspiciously. "I guess thass' why you like it, though?"
    One man's conspiracy is another man's business plan

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    Default Re: Agarwood (oud) oil!

    Charming post, Cath! I'd wager you have an especially strong appreciation of the treasures you've collected because of the pluck and resourcefulness required to obtain them. Blessed you are :-)
    If there's an oud in which you're especially interested you could propose a "group buy". Getting less of something is not the same as getting a lot of it "for cheap" but it's a way to experience good oils without having to buy a whole bottle. Also, there are at least a couple of members who've touted the unexpected notes they've discovered when diluting oud- as much as 19:1. That could make an AgarAura or Oudhasi sample last a very long time. Maybe you can dream up so many ways to "improve" Oriscent's website that you'll be rewarded with enough "free swipes" to acquire a bottle without having to spend a dime :-)
    I can't wait for the day when I read a post in which you're exulting about the most mind-bendingly exquisite oud you've discovered in the most unlikely place, which cost less than a song and dance (both of which I've no doubt you'd perform with energy and panache). I hope that day is soon :-)
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    Default Re: Agarwood (oud) oil!

    Quote Originally Posted by bluemoon View Post
    ...I can't wait for the day when I read a post in which you're exulting about the most mind-bendingly exquisite oud you've discovered in the most unlikely place, which cost less than a song and dance (both of which I've no doubt you'd perform with energy and panache). I hope that day is soon :-)
    Thank You! What a sweet wish!

    Would that be the shopping coup of a lifetime, or what!

    Now you know that is going to be in the back of my mind, as I rifle through the most unpromising-looking box of dog-eared romance novels and long-dead plastic squeeze bottles of As Seen On TV car wax!
    One man's conspiracy is another man's business plan

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    Default Re: Agarwood (oud) oil!

    Is anyone willing to offer feedback yet on their bottle or sample of Kyara Koutan? I imagine that a few bottles have made their way off of Ensar's shelf by now. Anybody?

    Well how about the two latest from Agar Aura? Borneo Jewell or Sylvan Nectar - has anyone tried these? I am intriged because I definitely enjoyed his Cambodhi Ateeq - that more that Indian Spice for me. Feedback on Agar Aura new ones?

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    Default Re: Agarwood (oud) oil!

    Kyara Koutan is not dissimilar to Royal Kinam but has a somewhat muted Kinam note and a stronger woody base. I personally prefer the Royal Kinam.

    Sylvan Nectar is clearly Cambodian but it doesn't have much of the characteristic sweetness or jammy note, the opening has a certain tanginess that immediately reminded me of Kalakassi, shortly thereafter a "hot" note appears, that's the one that as I understand is likened to the honey Taha mentioned in the Oud Discussion Group. I haven't tried that honey so cannot comment on the similarity, but to me the hot note is reminiscent of the smell of coals in a dying bonfire. This oil should appeal a lot to those who like Cambodi's but want a departure from the beaten path of gummy, jammy, dried fruit sweetness. Somehow, Sylvan Nectar strikes me as a more "virile" Cambodi, an oil with a strong and charming character and probably more wearable in hot weather than your typical sweet ouds from that region which can become a bit cloying with all the sweetness.

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    Default Re: Agarwood (oud) oil!

    cathodera, I recommend trying a sample from Agaraura next. I believe you would enjoy it more than your CO2 (which I have also tried). It may cost more but not a huge investment and is totally worth my humble opinion.

    Love your oud musings!

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    Default Re: Agarwood (oud) oil!

    Thanks for the Sylvan Nectar and Kyara Koutan thoughts, Igor!
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    Igor thanks for the descriptions of Kyara Koutan and Sylvan Nectar. I finaly broke down and got a bottle of Kyara Koutan and I have to say that I like it quite a bit. The opening reminds me greatly of the "sold out" Sheik's Borneo with a basenote of a hint of Royal Kinam. That is to say that to me it is quite warm and sweet with a nut like scent like roasted hazelnuts but the longer it wears the more the base elevates into a spiritual or minty transcendent sort of scent. This is obviously a very mellow and and aged oud that is quite nice. As an experiment, I tried to replicate this scent and came pretty close to it by using a half a swipe of Kalamantin Oud Super D from Ham Firl overlyaed with a mini dot of Royal Kinam Oud and it smells very similar to replicating the scent of Kyara Koutan. Is KK worth the $$? It is very good, but it doesn't strike me as that unusual. It is not nearly as rare as a scent like Oud Royale or B3000 But it is close to the same level of quality that those were when they were being sold for $350 or so.

    I am still quite intrigued with the two new ouds from Agar Aura and should probably try to order samples.

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    Has anyone tried Amouage's Silver Oud? TPC has this listed and I am quite curious to try it, seeing as I've enjoyed so many Amouage fragrances. I've never heard any reviews or opinions of the Silver Oud Attar, although I have read that Amouage's Oudh Al Kalood was watery/toned down, and not very oudy. Does anyone know if the Silver Oud attar and Oudh Al Kalood are the same thing? Information is very sparse and hard to find on Bing and Google.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SculptureOfSoul View Post
    Has anyone tried Amouage's Silver Oud? TPC has this listed and I am quite curious to try it, seeing as I've enjoyed so many Amouage fragrances. I've never heard any reviews or opinions of the Silver Oud Attar, although I have read that Amouage's Oudh Al Kalood was watery/toned down, and not very oudy. Does anyone know if the Silver Oud attar and Oudh Al Kalood are the same thing? Information is very sparse and hard to find on Bing and Google.
    Are you in search of a pure oud oil or an attar? If it's pure oud oil you're looking for then I personally wouldn't trust Amouage with their 'ouds'. Their Al Khalood is anything but ' pure and precious oud oil' and as for 'silver oud' it is most likely some kind of a blend of god knows what. 'Silver oud' is supposed to be one of the ingredients in Homage and if there's actually any oud in Homage it is a pretty lame oud, let alone dark and animalic - just my opinion, of course. That write-up on TPC doesn't make much sense - Silver Oud is "made by distilling petals and using a base of oil resulting in a very highly concentrated perfume (??).... and silver oud is pure silver oud" . WTF? " of the rarest ouds"...sure. Not a word about the oud's origins or any other ingredients of the actual fragrance.
    Perhaps you could send them an email and ask about the actual notes in Silver Oud?

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    Default Re: Agarwood (oud) oil!

    I have just caught the oud bug and recently tried the royal oud batch 2 from Qanaat trading ham_frl. I find it a very earthy scent which i love, however i notice if I overindulge, my nose runs a little and my lips sting. This leaves me wondering about the purity. Has anyone elst sampled this oud, would appreciate some feedback.

    Thank you

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    Bella, there has been much discussion about this company on the oud group, 'Oudh Ud Aoud <3 erz'. We are currently using the thread titled 'Agarwood oil thread' on that group, but the earlier discussion is on the thread, 'Oudh Ud Aoud <3 erz', which is now basically closed due to length. I think reading through those numerous pages of valuable experience is useful for anyone interested in oud, and you will probably find the answer to your question there.

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    For those who may be interested, are offering a 15% discount on all their products. Code: 7667bbe8a9. try their pure Cambodia oudh, its unique. I've tried their samples and each one is different to the one before. Want to try oriscents samples but a little too expensive for me at the moment.
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    I ordered the sampler from and maybe my nose is spoiled by higher priced ouds but they all smelled like very low quality ouds. I know they are more affordable but not something I would want to put on my body.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AZsmells View Post
    I ordered the sampler from and maybe my nose is spoiled by higher priced ouds but they all smelled like very low quality ouds. I know they are more affordable but not something I would want to put on my body.
    I have been using oud for a number of years and have to say I am addicted to it. I think you may be right about some of them, but have you tried the new cambodian oudh exclusive which only came in this week, it is so thick and smells slightly of honey unlike other oud's i have tried. Better than Hindi oud, which i'm going to give a miss for a few months now. Anyone tried the samples from

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    Dear Oudhaholic,
    Now adays most if not all the Cambodi Dehn eloud (agarwood Oil) are honestly not from natural oud chips. they are mainly from cultivated ( Injected trees wood). and this i a very cheap way to get oud oil and sell it with overpriced amount. I am not sure wht type or quality of Indian Oud OIl you are using, but just to clearify, there are so many types and grades of Indian oud, some non experts are thinking of dehn eloud sold in big shops Like Quarshi, Ajmal, and others are original. !! but As Aprivate trader, my self, I know the sources and deal with them directly, who supply to qurashi and Ajmal.. and others. in India and malysia,/ Indonisia and Singapore. Qurashi unfortunately is fooling poor unexpert people like some of my freinds, who pay 5, 6, and 7 thousand dirhams or Riyals for just one Tola (11.66 gm) of Oil, just a freindly info, Qurashi, is mixing his dehn Oil, like one called kalakasi, and he adds ome other oud smell to it to change it , so no other shop would have the same , it is all about business, brother.Dont worry about the brand names of different oud Oils, oud is oud, but the different the location, TREE type, and area the different is the smell and characterstics. Feel free to reply me, and hope I had some usefull informatio about OUD OIL.

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    Dhabiat El-Oud,
    As a trader, from which country and what species of tree do you think the finest agarwood is distilled today? And if you were to make a recommendation to your friends where to purchase oud, where would you recommend? To whom would you refer them?

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    So do we have some new good place (internet stores/ebay) to try some good oudh oil at an affordable price? Something around 30-40 dollars?

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    Default Re: Agarwood (oud) oil!

    Hopefully getting a Tom Ford Oud Wood sample soon...can't wait to smell what the heck oud is

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    This might be a stupid question, but does anybody know whether one can buy Aoud at the markets in Marocco? A friend is travelling there soon...and I would like to ask her to bring me some...

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    Neurosis and dewdrops777- I'd suggest you check out samples offered by and They are reliable sellers who offer good quality products at reasonable prices. If you purchase a few samples you'll be able to get to know the scent of a variety of different oud oils for a reasonable price.

    "One of the best incense for general use is Oude (sometimes spelled Ud) - but be warned that the genuine top quality can cost hundreds of thousands of dirhams a kilo. There is also dispute as to the nature of Oude in Morocco, with some experts claiming that what is on offer is not the real thing."

    I've never been to Morocco so I can't answer your question from personal experience.

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    Hello everyone, I'm new to the Oud scents and oils and since bn has been a great source of info a would like to ask for some help.Yesterday I recived a sample from Agar Aura Areej Al-Mulook.I realy liked the combo but I'm not sure what other stuff I can try.I would like to give me some recommends what would be worthed to try others from agaraura,Ham Firl,Oudimentary or other place.I'm not spending easy any money on something I'm not familiar with so I want to try tiny amounts of different ouds.On the other hand if I realy like something money dosen't matter.Would be glad if someone can help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ololiuqui View Post
    Hello everyone, I'm new to the Oud...I realy liked the combo but I'm not sure what other stuff I can try.
    Why not enjoy what you have for a time, get to know it. Perfumed Court also has samples of several makers or oud oils. I think most are blends. Zahras Perfumes carries a lot of brands including other Arabian skin care products.

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    I've al ready emailed Zahra and I will try some samples form her.TPC does not ship to Bulgaria.
    I would like to hear if somone has tryed Areej Al-Mulook and find it close to some Montale scent.I realy enjoy it but I want better projection and I think I will go for a spray fragrance with alc.

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    I haven't smelled the one you're referring to. Via Perfumed Court, I received a sample of an Abdul Samad Al Qurashi, Royal Jasmine. It's gorgeously indolic with out the barn smell. It lasts all day. There's a store in London and the products are sold on Zahras. I went on the website and it seems the have a wide variety of Arabian scents, of course including oud. Arabian Oud is also in London. Maybe, a shopping trip in London is needed? I think if you like a Montale, you should just get what you like. I have Marwah by Al Haramain which is Tarif rose, jasmine, and Cambodian oud. In a way, cross between Kilian's Rose Oud and Aoud Rose Petals, Montale. The oud is more mellow and richer than Montale.

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    London is good idea but may be after a few mounts.For now I will ask for info and samples from Zahra.I realy enjoyed my sample mix of oud sandal rose safran musk it's intoxicating,I can't stop smelling my arm,but it's oil not alc spray and the radiance is weaker than Montale.Here in Bulgaria I can find just 10 Montale scent and none of them was what I was looking for.
    What about the Haramain how is the projection and longetivty?

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    Default Re: Agarwood (oud) oil!

    What about the Haramain how is the projection and longetivty?[/QUOTE]

    Oud is addictive! The Al Haramain I have doesn't seem to have too much projection, but it's not very warm yet. I find the warmer, the more projection so I'm not applying as much at this time. Also, it could be the nature of cambodi oud. I'm new as well, but Cambodian oud is said to be sweeter and more mellow than Indian and who knows what oud Montale uses.

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    Default Re: Agarwood (oud) oil!

    This is a long thread with a lot of good, old advise. There are other oud threads as well with info. The men's threads have a ton of oud discussions. You should find good European sources for oud. There's also an oud group.

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    Hi all! im new to the basenotes community. I will be visiting the holy lands of Saudi Arabia (Makkah & Medinah) soon and was thinking of aquiring some good quality oils. Was thinking of visiting the Ajmal and Al-Haramain stores there. Any fragrances
    that you experienced noses may suggest from these stores or any other stores in thos cities? I've been told that Musk Al Haramain is quite good, and i fell in love with the spray version of Mukhallat As-Shams by Ajmal, the first time i smelt it. i've also been
    considering Ajmal Musk Ghazelle, although have never smelt it. I also want to acquire some good Bakhoor and oud chips - any advice on where to get these from ?

    Muhammed Patel.

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    this message maybe to old but ı want to now prices of 1968 produce cambodian oud oils,if you possible please give infor us. thankyou,best regards istanbuli
    Quote Originally Posted by Oudh Seeker View Post
    Guys, is there someone here who's willing enough to help me get my hands on ham_firl's 1968 Cambodi oud oil?

    I have a PayPal account, but I can't really use it for unknown reasons.

    Would someone help me in this regard? Please?.....

    Or maybe you know his e-mail?

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    Default Re: Agarwood (oud) oil!

    Looking for Oud Tree Leaves processed/distilled into an essential oil.
    Anyone have someone doing this?
    I see that they are used to make a tea, why not distilled, or processed into an absolute...?
    Paul Kiler
    PK Perfumes
    Gold Medal for "Best Aroma"; Los Angeles Artisan Fragrance Salon

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oudh Seeker View Post
    I've tried AbdulSamad's oils and I'm not really happy with them.
    I believe his most expensive ouds are sold elsewhere for less than half the price.
    This is one of the main reasons why I've started to look for oud in the net.
    Since the western communities have started to focus their attention on these ancient oils, I thought that they will be able to procure some of the rarest and most exquisite ouds one would not find anywhere.
    If Oriscent's oils, despite his prices, and the other online stores' oud oils deliver what they promise, I'll definately be a loyal customer of their's.
    Make note, though, big names do not always sell the best there is. One Indian oil vendor, who travels from Saudi to the far east and vise versa, claimed that Al Qurashi buys from him oud oils for $50 a tola and sells them for $400+.
    I can't tell you that he is telling me the truth, but from the quality I've seen in Al Qurashi's oil, I could vouch he is right.
    Oud has become so rare these days and aquiring them is by no means easy, but I've decided to take the risk, scrificing some of my humble cash for the sake of stumbling upon a few drops of vintage and premium oils, and savor the scent of this oil of legends.

    Though I have enjoyed some of the ASAQ oils, my latest one which is called the wondrous musk ( Musk Ajeeb ) wasn't to my expectation. I don't know how this might work. Just buy normal agarwood oil and start storing them so that they start aging. Are there any special storage techniques for accomdating agarwood oil.

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    Default Re: Agarwood (oud) oil!

    Quote Originally Posted by dredmahawkus View Post
    Hindi is my thing! I love em!

    I am not expecting it to be as good as Taha;s....thats the best indian I have tried so far.

    I want to try a few different ones. $90 for an ok one sounds like a good deal to me!

    you notice with Taha's ouds it dosent matter what it starts out the time it comes close to its base it smells amazing!

    I have recently bought a non aged Hindi from RK sons. Its called double super oudh. The smell is good but the dry down is more like camphor. I have only experienced sweet hay as well as tobacco in my recent Hindi.

    But definitely worth a try, sample first and then off you go with your opinion.

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    Oud is one of best ingedient thats why is expensive .

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