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    Default need advice please: selling fumes on ebay

    I need your advice, please. There are some perfumes that I rarely wear that I'd like to sell. As I don't have the requisite number of posts on BN to sell them here, I might pursue selling them on ebay.

    Can you please give me some advice on how to do that?

    How do you price your items? How do you ship them? How do I know what to charge to ship them (isn't the price based on where it will be shipped - info I wouldn't have? and should the package be insured?)? How long do you list the items? Do you have a "buy it now" option? Do the photos need to be great quality? What is important information to put in the description?

    Is there a price point at which it would be better to just give the scents away or donate them to charity and take the tax deduction?

    Overall: do you find it is it really worth your time?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Default Re: need advice please: selling fumes on ebay

    Quote Originally Posted by seattlelight View Post
    Overall: do you find it is it really worth your time?
    I've bought & sold quite a bit on eBay, perfumes included. Considering effort & seller's fees, it might be easier to become a supporting member here and list your fragrances in a sale thread. In a way, you know your audience, and your fragrances might be more visible than in the eBay ocean. If you list them all in one thread, you also won't be paying listing fees for several different auctions, and eBay won't be taking a cut of your profits.

    Whether eBay or Basenotes, you would indicate whether you ship only to the U.S. or also internationally. For U.S. destinations, you could indicate a flat rate (say $5, $6, $7) that you think would cover any place you would ship to. If you set an appropriate flat rate, you don't have to worry about figuring exact shipping for each purchase (but you have to eat the cost if actual shipping ends up being more than you asked for). Many sellers offer combined shipping if more than one item is purchased, and you could make it optional for buyers to pay extra for shipping insurance.

    When I offer international shipping, I usually look at rates on the USPS website to get a general idea of what to ask for, depending on the country.

    If you browse some of the current sale threads on Basenotes, you may get some ideas for how you'd like to sell.

    I hope this helps!

    A little more:

    Prospective buyers will want to know size of the bottle, whether it's edp or edt, if the item is brand new, sealed in box, never tested, tested once, half full, with box, without box, with cap, without cap -- and any other details that you think might be pertinent.
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    Default Re: need advice please: selling fumes on ebay

    I am selling a few on ebay right now for the same reason- I just set the price at the lowest I was willing to sell them for and set a flat shipping fee.

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    Default Re: need advice please: selling fumes on ebay

    thank you - that helps a lot!

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