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    Default fruity floral

    Right now I think I have too many musky patchouli stuff. I'm looking for a fruity floral that's young and fresh, but not TOO juvenile. Suggestions?
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    Default Re: fruity floral

    I think Osmoz considers Jil Sander No 4 a fruity floral. I'd consider it more Floriental personally. Either way it is a lovely perfume with opening fruity notes that mature to rich floral and then a mossy/ambry Oriental bottom.

    For flirty fruity floral, I really like YSL Baby Doll a lot. While it's sweet with a grapefuity opening, this one actually matures on me and goes through an interesting dryout from rose and freesia (kind of orange-y notes) to ginger and then has a lovely, clear cedar dryout- not too woody, but cedar all the same. Works good in the summer, but I like to wear it in the winter time too as a kind of light "surprise." I would definitely consider this one "young and fresh."
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    Default Re: fruity floral

    OK, the new Versace (2007) is fabulous, as well as Prada's Infusion d'Iris. I would highly recommend giving those two a try!

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    Default Re: fruity floral

    Creed Spring FLowers is definitely fruity-floral. It's way too fruity for me, laden with peaches, pears and melon mixed with a burst of sharp florals that dry down softly.

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    MPG Rose Muskissime is nice fruity rose with a soft musk base.
    Hypnose is a nice peachy, passionflower and vanilla combo. (i love love love this on a woman)

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    Not my favourite family, but Tresor is dearly loved.

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    Default Re: fruity floral

    Check out this old thread:

    One I'd recommend: Sugar Lychee by Fresh
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    Default Re: fruity floral

    Lady Caron!
    Top note : Magnolia, Jasmine, Neroli

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    Base note : Oakmoss, Sandalwood
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    AG has lots of fruity florals- Folavril, Petite Cherie, Eau de Charlotte.

    Fruity florals I love:

    Un Air de Molinard
    Nirmala [ better than Angel- it came first- on the oriental side]
    PdN Balkis [rose and raspberry]
    Rose Ikebana
    Mure et Musc
    MPG Soie Rouge

    There are more, but I'm having a brain fart.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Merbert View Post
    Creed Spring FLowers is definitely fruity-floral. It's way too fruity for me, laden with peaches, pears and melon mixed with a burst of sharp florals that dry down softly.
    I second this. I sampled it this week and loved it. But yes, it's sharp, and you can really pick up the peaches and other fruits in there. It's very long-lasting too.
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    John Varvatos just came out with a scent for women that's being billed as fruity-floral. I sniffed it at Saks Fifth Avenue today and it didn't strike me as being too juvenile.

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    Default Re: fruity floral

    I'll have to co-sign on the new Versace, which I love by the way, and Spring Flowers. I am currently in love with my Versace perfume. I can definitely see me getting another bottle of this many times.
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    Default Re: fruity floral

    Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom with a bit of her Vintage Gardenia blended on a wrist is pure magic. Fruity-floral and beyond!
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    Have you tried the new Burberry Brit Sheer?

    They only sell it at Nordstrom, and at the Burberry website. I sniffed this recently at the store and loved it. Light, fruity, soft. Wonderful. Give it a try. You can buy samples of it on ebay if you don't have a Nordstrom near you.

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