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    Anyone know where to purchase O Boticario online? Or somewhere that ships internationally.

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    I got mine from here about a year ago:

    They ship internationally

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    Thanks for the heads up. But they ship FedEx or UPS; neither very friendly with Canadian customs...

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    Here's another site to look at but I am not sure if they will ship internationally.

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    Hello I'm from Brazil and I saw everyday a lot of O Boticário stores.... in front of my job have a big store! It is great but I prefer Natura, have you ever heard about this one?

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    The Brazilian Touch website carries Natura and I'm interested to hear your opinion about it. Which in particular would be worth trying? Thanks.

    EDIT: BTW, did not mean to hijack this thread.
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    Try Essencial EDP, Kaiak, Kaiak Aventura e Atmos... for me these are the best ones. They all have excellent longevity and projection.

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    Natura? That's one I haven't heard about. Any way to get your reviews on these?

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