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    Default Keihl's Musk | Jovan Musk

    Anyone with experience regarding the differences between these two?
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    Default Re: Keihl's Musk | Jovan Musk

    I only have Jovan (the price was irresistible), but I'm very interested in trying Kiehl's as well.

    As for Jovan, the first several minutes following application are off-putting, with a strong synthetic-y, alcoholic vapor plume. Once that stuff boils off however, it's rather pleasant. I'm not a layering kind of fellow, but if I were, Jovan might be useful in laying down a simple musk base to a fragrance lacking that note.

    There are lots of others on this board who can weigh in on the relative strengths and weaknesses of both Kiehl's and Jovan.
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    Kiehl's oil and EDT both have a starting note much like MKK, though with less underpants-cumin.
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    Default Re: Keihl's Musk | Jovan Musk

    i've only smelt the jovan, which i don't rate highly... normally get put off by the synthetic opening snafoo mentioned.
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    Default Re: Keihl's Musk | Jovan Musk

    Jovan musk edt (?)and oil are different animals to me. The oil is so much sweeter and skin like; the spray is much sharper. I expected Kiel's to be a darker, denser scent than it is. It is a very clean smelling musk, and when I smelled it, it instantly reminded me of Jovan.
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    Default Re: Keihl's Musk | Jovan Musk

    kiehls...on some people is pure magnetism....a good friend of mine wore this in class and i had to ask him what it was so i could get some...its one of those scents though that you eventually become anosmic too, other people will tell you how good you smell, but you might only smell hairspray...its strange.

    Jovan is unoffensive and very cheap....its kinda got a ron burgundy seventies vibe with it, which i guess is all right, but shell out a few more bucks and get kiehls or alssa ashley which is also a cheap musk, but much better than jovan, imo.
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    Default Re: Keihl's Musk | Jovan Musk

    I would say the Coty Musk is more like Kiehl's...

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    Default Re: Keihl's Musk | Jovan Musk

    Quote Originally Posted by marcuccio88 View Post
    I would say the Coty Musk is more like Kiehl's...
    I think that, as i stated in a post here recently, that Asslys ashley is what i would closely associate with kiehls more than another....coty is similar in some respects however...i just find it lacks the depth of kiehls.

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