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    Default Mini review of Davidoff Adventure and Other News!

    I have been out and about seeking the latest fragrance releases, and there has been a lot happening as we come into the season of Spring, wonderful Spring, when all the great new fragrances are unleashed upon us!

    First of all, I finally got the chance to spray the new Davidoff release "Adventure" on my skin yesterday, and boy was I surprised. Initially the fragrance seemed petty generic, but the fragrance progressed fantastically through the various notes and really has something special about it. The drydown was fantastic, and it takes about six hours to develop to the finished product. It is over 30 hours later and I still can smell it strongly off the back of my hand.

    However, it is definately worth checking out, for those who live in the UK where it is readily available.

    I have also checked out the two DKNY limited editions. The red is my favourite of the two, the vodka notes adding a nice slightly boozy appeal which I enjoyed. The gree is a nice fresh more citrus version of the original, but doesnt differ enough to merit more attention.

    I also found out some relese dates for new fragrances:

    D&G The One for Men is being released in June 2008 (I was told the notes and it sounds very nice indeed on paper!)
    Dunhill London is released in May 2008 (Although exclusive to Selfridges currently)
    A-Men Pure Coffee ont hit UK shores until September 2008

    I also managed to get a sneak peek at the bottle of the new Boss fragrance due out in April. It is in a slightly curved rectangular bottle and is said to be extremely fresh. Having been disappointed by Selection I hope this new release will be more interesting for all to see.

    I also tried Green Irish Tweed for the first time as Jhn Lewis had it back in stock. I know a lot of peolpe compare it to Cool Water and I can see where they are coming from, but Estee Lauder "Pleasures" for Men is identica to it. GIT is a nice fragrance, but I ould probably buy Plasures if craving that aquatic scent, or even Cool Water for that matter.

    On the subject of Cool Water, I have read that this years limited edition will be called Freeze Me, and Now Smell This, details of which can be found at The male fragrance sounds good and I hope to check it out once it has been released.

    Other releases coming soon in the UK include a new David Beckham limited edition entitled "Instinct After Dark", which is released today, so I will try and sample this one in the next day or two. There seems to be two Hugo limited editions for Boots, of Hugo Green and Hugo Energise, which are coming soon, and the Usher scent finally hits UK shelves on the 10th of March.

    Will keep you updated with any more information as I find it out!

    Best Regards,


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    Default Re: Mini review of Davidoff Adventure and Other News!

    Well, your post encouraged me to try "Adventure" (Which seems to be a modern aromatic masculine scent) as soon as possible!

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    Default Re: Mini review of Davidoff Adventure and Other News!

    Davidoff, Dunhill and Hugo Boss did not come up with anything worth purchasing a bottle for a lon time. I hope new London and Adventure ae nteresting scents. Though the bottle of London does not look interesting to me.

    Thanks for sharing your impressions. Hope those who get to try these scents sooner than me willalso share their opinions.

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    Default Re: Mini review of Davidoff Adventure and Other News!

    Adventure reminds me of Jil Sunder - Sun Men. Not exactly, but i compared both, Sun Men on left hand, Adventure on the right. Something is there that makes both similar, i canīt say what it is. For me Adventure smells more penetrant synthetic cytrus, while Sun Men smells more decent and comfortable.
    I would prefer Sun Men, but Adventure isnīt really a bad fragrance.

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