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    Default Similar to Bois 1920 Classic 1920

    My friend and I were at Holt Renfrew today and he smelled Bois 1920 Classic 1920 and he fell in love. We are students, however, and he can't quite afford to drop $180 for a bottle (or $160 online). Is there anything out there that's somewhat similar that doesn't cost a few week's rent. I was thinking Michael by Michael Kors, but he thinks the Kors is too sweet.

    Also, he wants it for the summer but I feel it is more of a winter scent.

    Thoughts, anyone?

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    Default Re: Similar to Bois 1920 Classic 1920

    Hard to think of something really close. I'm smelling my decant at the moment, it's a fruity woody, maybe CK Escape, RL Polo Double Black and Lancome Miracle.

    Top 10: Chanel Antaeus, Chanel Pour Monsieur, Chanel Sycamore, Creed Aventus, Creed Green Irish Tweed, Dunhill Edition, Guerlain Habit Rouge, Hermes Terre d'Hermes, Tom Ford Tuscan Leather, YSL Rive Gauche.

    10-20: ADP Colonia Essenza, Armani Eau PH, Chanel Egoiste, Creed Vintage Tabarome, Dunhill For Men 1934, Knize Ten, L'Artisan Timbutktu, RL Polo Modern Reserve, Ungaro III, YSL M7,

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    Default Re: Similar to Bois 1920 Classic 1920

    I really love Bois 1920 Classic 1920. Very fresh, with the combination of citrus, ginger, and vetiver. Recently one of my coworkers smelled like Classic 1920, but I knew that was unlikely, and it turned out he was wearing Yves Saint Laurent L'Homme ( It's not on par with Classic 1920, but certainly much less expensive. I find L'Homme to be a bit sweeter, not quite as fresh (maybe less vetiver) but still nice.

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