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    Default Nuits De Noho by Bond #9

    fellas help me out....what are your opinions on this scent.....i've read and heard so many things about this one that have made me incredibly curious to the point of almost wanting to blind purchase.....and i have never been overly impressed with anything in the Bond line.

    so the questions you think its more suitable for a male or female?.....what types of feelings or emotions does this scent evoke in you? and what specific note or 2 that dominate this fragrance? what current fragrance would you compare it to?
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    Default Re: Nuits De Noho by Bond #9

    I've considered it to be similar to Angel with vanilla and patchouli notes, but I find it much more unisex than Angel will ever be. It's gentle and warm, and I'd wear it, while I would be reluctant to wear Angel except on an experimental basis.

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    Default Re: Nuits De Noho by Bond #9

    Nuits de Noho is my favorite Bond.
    I had no idea..nor did I care that it was marketed towards women. I just like it for what it is. A very distinct pineapple, vanilla, patchouli dominant fragrance that happens to smell very unisex to my nose.
    It smells almost along the same structure of the Angel for Women..but to my nose, they are distinctly different.
    NdN is more bubbly and just a tad bit spicier (I LOVE the clean patchouli in this...... oh yeah, you HAVE to like patchouli to wear this. There is lots of it here.) The pineapple stays in this frag throughout its duration, which is at least 8 or more hours.. on me. When I wear it, I get compliments from both men and women.
    I'm serious man, wear this and heads will turn... people will smile... and compliments will fly!
    This is a LOUD and DRAMATIC scent. This is what you wear when you want to be noticed.

    If you get a chance, you should check out ubuandibeme's and Tovah's reviews. I think they're spot on.

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    Default Re: Nuits De Noho by Bond #9

    It reminds me of Angel too, except with a strong pineapple note. Tons of patchouli in this so it might not be good for spring or summer. I am going to have to go look for my sample and try it again. I haven't thought about it in ages.

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    Default Re: Nuits De Noho by Bond #9

    Pineapple... Im wondering if this frag reminds in anyway Animale Animale. I just cant stand the pineapple note in Animale Animale.

    Does it?

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    Default Re

    I love it, a man can pull it off easily . I just received a compliment from a female wearing it last month.

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    Default Re: Nuits De Noho by Bond #9

    I bought a bottle for my wife - she absolutely loves it. She said it reminds her of Christmas shopping in December. New fabrics, trees, spices, sweet wafts of perfumes from stores. I'm sure it would be fine on a man - I just couldn't because she wears it so much that it feels more "her."
    I'm a colognosaurus. Rawr!

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    Default Re: Nuits De Noho by Bond #9

    Quote Originally Posted by TheBuyer View Post
    Pineapple... Im wondering if this frag reminds in anyway Animale Animale. I just cant stand the pineapple note in Animale Animale.

    Does it?
    I want to know this too.

    The pineaple here its close to Animale Animale (worst pineaple ever) or Aventus (better pineaple note, from what i read about) ?

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    Thumbs up Re: Nuits De Noho by Bond #9

    I love Nuits De Noho! It was my first Bond no.9 fragrance. Defiantly reminds me of Angel as well. My wife loves it too! She's always using my bottle!
    My current top five men's fragrances:

    1. Bond No. 9 New York Oud
    2. Creed Virgin Island Water
    3. A*Men Pure Havane
    4. Bond No. 9 Andy Warhol Montauk
    5. Bond No. 9 DNA For Him

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    Default Re: Nuits De Noho by Bond #9

    I think it's nice but from memory the dry down was resonably feminine. I don't get the Angel comparison. I prefer the mocha of So New York.

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    Default Re: Nuits De Noho by Bond #9

    Nuits de Noho is one of maybe 3 or 4 Bond's I like. The pineapple topnote is fun and the construction is excellent. This is 100% werable by guys and I can't recall anything feminine about it. It's certainly no more 'feminine' then the typical 'masculine' aquatic.

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    Default Re: Nuits De Noho by Bond #9

    I think the real question here is - if you're in Brooklyn, why would u have to 'blind buy' this fragrance? It is Bond No. 9 NEW YORK yes?

    My girlfriend was watching 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' and they were in a hair salon in some random place in Jersey and I saw the whole Bond line on a shelf in there. It should be easiest place in the world to sample any Bond fragrance.

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    Default Re: Nuits De Noho by Bond #9

    See for nineXseven it's not feminine at all whereas it's quite different on my skin. I'd say you better go and test it and see how it smells on your skin - then report back and let us know how you got on.

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    Default Re: Re

    I don't get why guys love this frag so much. To me it's way too feminine to me. I don't get the Angel comparison at all. This fragrance is average at best and disappoints all around. First, The top notes of this frag are fleeting, lasting only a mere 5 seconds after spraying ( no joke). I guess this is the pineapple leaves, which comes across as a sweet green note. There is no mandarin, no bergamot. Second, the frag reeks of jasmine, you smell it for the life of it and it is so darn strong. OMG. The best part of this frag is the dry down, which occurs about 4 hours later. The jasmine calms down and you smell the grey musk, rosewood, vanilla and some of the patchouli. It is very close to the skin, light, smooth and very pleasant.

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    Default Re: Re

    Didn't care much for this one when I tried it. Too feminine for my taste.

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    Default Re: Nuits De Noho by Bond #9

    While this not for me it is a Fantastic fragrance..... A bit to Feminine..... Smells like Angel for sure.....Gary

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