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    Question CdG Incense

    I ordered samples of all five from Luckyscent and ended up liking Jaisalmer the best. It's the most evocative to me. I'm ready to buy. However, I feel like the descriptions don't fit what I'm smelling and I'm afraid to end up ordering the wrong one in case there was a mix up.
    Instead of all the bold spices mentioned, I smell more of a softer, drier, slightly earthy scent (almost vetiver like effect). To me it's the smell of a forest floor (e.g., oak not pine) covered with dead leaves, very slightly damp; which is fine. I'm not looking for a ceremonial incense scent.
    Avingon is too sharp, Kyoto too subtle (would have liked it sweeter, like Visit), and Zagrosk too piney.
    Any opinions please? Does it sound like I'm safe to order?
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    sounds like you've got it roughly right. go for it! if they screwed up the sample, luckyscent would refund you no problemo
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    RM I think you've got it right. I've been confused by the way Jaisalmer is described too. I've found it calm, dry, and earthy same as you do (I went out with a woman who wore it).

    It sounds like it's the one you like best.
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    Default Re: CdG Incense

    Order the Jaisalmer. You're right on the money.

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    Your description of Jaisalmer sounds correct.

    It's great stuff - when I first tested it, I fell in love with it. It's use of spice is unrivaled in my mind - and when I owned a decant of it, I always reached for Jaisalmer when I was getting ready to crawl into bed. It instantly just felt right at the end of a long day to end it with this scent.

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    Jaisalmer is easily my favorite of the Incense series. I like Ouarzazate also.
    I should wear Jaisalmer more though. So many frags and not enough days to wear them all. lol.

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    Jaisalmer is my fave also, but I've a special weakness for Avignon, as well.
    (You can take the boy out of Catholic school, but . . .)

    I, too, wish Kyoto were stronger -- it's almost annoyingly Zen-like in its subtlety.
    (That would be more acceptable were its line not so expensive!)
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