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    Default My debate must end: Need Help!

    Well basenotes, I hope you don't mind me calling for some help. I have debated for days which will be my next fragrance purchase; yes, another one of those threads. I don't feel confident without enlisting the opinions of the experienced here. I recently bought equipage and enjoy the carnation on occasion but I like to wear it in very formal attire.

    My debate today is that I was to own one of these kings:

    - Kouros

    - Polo Green

    - Aramis

    and although this don't belong amond that list, I was even considering the purchase of Millesime Imperial by Creed. The only Creed I own to date is GIT. I recently ran out of Neroli Savauge but I don't plan to restock it at this time. So, in actuality, I have 4 choices.

    My criteria is that it must wow me, not kill my sinuses, and make me want to reach for it with passion. I know this is a personal preference but many here are much more qualifed with these on the list than I. Thanks for your help basenotes.

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    Default Re: My debate must end: Need Help!

    Oh geez Millesime Imperial without a doubt!
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    Default Re: My debate must end: Need Help!

    Those 3 on that list right there are real powerhouses. They'll all wow you, maybe not in a good way though.

    Kouros all the way.

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    Default Re: My debate must end: Need Help!

    I'm prepared to stand the intro of Kouros to get to what lies benath. Are you?

    If not, MI it is

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    Default Re: My debate must end: Need Help!

    If you want Kouros, you will WANT it. If you are on the fence, then don't bother - LOL.

    I would lean toward the Creed in the collection, though, The Polo and Aramis are on your list for reasons - Why would you detour into an entirely other type of frag?
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    Default Re: My debate must end: Need Help!

    Take the Bois du Portugal. Oh, not on your list of choices

    Seeing as you have Black Oud and such in your drobe I seriously would suggest skipping Aramis and getting JHL. The former is a classic, not bad, but a bit dated, but the latter is ingenious.

    Kouros - have you tried it on your skin? It's love or hate plus it can work very well on some and turn others into a walking urinal. Creed Orange Spice is a safer alternative.

    Sorry for messing so with you choices...
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    Default Re: My debate must end: Need Help!

    I would go for MI. Your collection leans toward you enjoying MI the best. Get a sample of Kouros and wear it a few times before you decide on it. Another option could be Kouros Tattoo Collector Edition. It has a marine (calone) vibe and may be less of a challenge than the original.

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    Default Re: My debate must end: Need Help!

    In BdP, I find something too sharp in it for me. It gives me a headache. Perhaps it is the lavender which is a note I typically love, especially in encens et lavende. At any rate, because I have the EeL, I felt another lavender fragrance might not be wise. Similarly, since I have Jazz with a cinnamon note, I didn't know if JHL would work either. I smelled it once in a macys and loved it but I remember thinking about my Jazz. However, I might consider it for a future purchase.

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    Default Re: My debate must end: Need Help!

    Perhaps I'm in the minority here, but I would go with Aramis. It's a scent that can be worn in many situations: office, casual, romantic, casual office, office romance, romantically casual, the grocery store, playing video games, and so on......
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    Default Re: My debate must end: Need Help!

    I'd go with the Miliseme Imperial as well
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    Default Re: My debate must end: Need Help!

    I'm thinking of buying Kouros or Kouros Tattoo myself, so that would be my advice. Take the plunge and don't look back.

    I do have a soft spot for Polo Green though.

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    Default Re: My debate must end: Need Help!

    I am going to get the White Devil and never look back my friend! Indie should go down in the basenotes hall of fame for coining that word. Oddly enough, I asked the SA is he had heard of Tattoo and he has not. This was the boutique in NY. He said the one on 57th street carries more of the fragrances.

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    Default Re: My debate must end: Need Help!

    MI is the one!
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    Default Re: My debate must end: Need Help!

    kouros. it's big, it's bad, and it's what you neeeeeed
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    Default Re: My debate must end: Need Help!

    Polo Green will wow you - wow! this is so damn pungently piney. But the drydown is far softer, multi-faceted and very friendly. For winter, i.e.

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    Default Re: My debate must end: Need Help!


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    Default Re: My debate must end: Need Help!

    I suggest choosing Kouros

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