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    Default Just for fun....

    i was thinking of musks that i like...and i really have come to the conclusion that i am just a musk kinda just for fun, if i were to rate musks like their positions in a mafia setting this is how it would be:


    Kiehls Musk--Consigliere

    Loenzo Villoresi musk, SMN Muschino, Allysa Ashley --Captains

    Coty, Jovan, royal copenhagen, monseuir--goons

    Musc Ravgeur--Hitman

    Sorry bored and i thought it was dont throw stones because it doesnt really add to the serious topic of "male fragrance discussion"

    Detractors, snobs, and all around shit stirrers need not post....

    Do any of you guys have a hierarchy of a particular note i.e. some really like vanilla or lime or get the drift.

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    Thumbs up Re: Just for fun....

    Nice one!

    I'm definitely a patchouli dude.
    I'll follow your format with the patchoulis I like:

    Santa Maria Novella - Patchouli

    Mazzolari - Patchouly

    Montale - Patchouli Leaves
    Lorenzo Villoresi - Patchouli
    Profumum - Patchouly

    Jalaine - Patchouly
    L'Artisan Parfumeur - Patchouli Patch
    Les Néréides - Patchouli Antique
    Spiritual Sky and Auric Blends oils

    Parfumerie Générale - Intrigant Patchouli 08
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    Default Re: Just for fun.... its funny how some of us can find a great note and just stick to it...thanks for the info because i have beeen looking for some really good patchouli, though i have only tried patchouli patch by caswell massey, which was pretty good...

    Thanks for the response Patchouli Crime Boss! LOL

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    Cool Re: Just for fun....


    GODFATHER---------Vintage Tabarome ( Creed )

    Consiglieri:-------------Cuba ( Czech and Speke ) or Le Dandy (D'Orsay)

    Captains---------------Havana ( Aramis )

    Cuba Red, or Cuba Black ( Cuba Paris )
    Dolce & Gabbana pour Homme (D&G)
    Romance Silver Men (Ralph Lauren)
    The Dreamer (Versace)
    Quorum ( Antonio Puig )

    Hitman---Michael for Men ( Michael Kors ) Macassar ( Rochas ) or Trussardi Uomo (Trussardi )
    But if he favors exotic poisons, then Fumerie Turque (Serge Lutens )

    Sogni d'oro,

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    Default Re: Just for fun....

    another top notch expression of the Crime families of fragrance...i might have put michael as the godfather though because i love that shit to death!

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