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    Default Lanvin Pretexte - My Sin

    Can anyone help me please on the notes in these two fragrances ?
    Thanks, David.

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    Default Re: Lanvin Pretexte - My Sin

    excerpt of quote from feminine fragrance board:....

    Quote Originally Posted by narcus View Post

    MY SIN

    : aldehydic freh, details = Aldehyd-complex, Bergamot, Citrone, Neroli, Muskateller-Salbei, salvia sclarea (clary sage)
    : sweet-floral = Ylang-Y, Rose, Jasmin, Clove, Iris
    Basenotes: woody-sweet-balsamic = Vetiver, Vanille, Sandal, Cedarwood, Musk, Tolu, Styrax, and Civet ( - must be the sinful part! )

    All notes from H&R Duftatlas. I didn't translate them completely from the original German. I trust you'll understand those pyramids nevertheless....
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