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    Default Institut Bien Tres Lyons

    I believe one member of Basenotes owns one of this house?

    I purchased blind from ebay a bottle of the Russe. So any thoughts or reviews of this one?

    Above is a link to their site.

    Oh and my postie took my bottle back to the sorting office this morning since I was out!!!!! sob sob!!

    So it will be monday before I can collect it.

    I did read a review saying it was quite like Crown Eau de Russe which I own and love.

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    Default Re: Institut Bien Tres Lyons

    I don't know if you got the "Cologne a la Russe" or the "Tres Russe" (Eau de Parfum) which is the one I have. It's not the first time I mention it here, so you probably read about it. I just like it so much. The top notes are quite heavy on the verveyne side (which may surprise you), but it soon becomes a floriental with notes of violet, iris, musc... The cologne is lighter, of course, but very nice as well, although I don't know it so well.
    I hope you get your bottle back as soon as possible. I'd like to read your opinion of it once you've tried it. Good luck.

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    Default Re: Institut Bien Tres Lyons

    Thank you.

    It is the Tres Russe. The only note which worried me was the neroli, we don't get on very well unless beaten down by the other notes into behaving itself. LOL.
    Can I say the Tres Russe is just totally gorgous!!!!

    Yes I am getting hints of Crown Eau de Russe, but warmer almost like vintage Shalimar in the soft warmth.

    Anyone interested the website is.
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