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    Default Re: Top 10 strongest/most powerful perfumes ever?

    Quote Originally Posted by cacio View Post
    You are very right, unfortunately. Going through this thread makes older people sad at the reformulations, and younger guy wonder in puzzlement what older guys were smelling.

    Hard to find such power in mainstream today. Niche sometimes still delivers. Singling our Rien incense intense for musky, long lasting power. Portrait of a lady is no joke either. Among the oldies, Youth Dew bath oil still packs most of the punch it did (not the edp, which is much better behaved than the old monster).


    I think among newer releases Adjatay Cuir Narcotique, Angel Muse and Grand Soir are reasonably strong.

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    Default Re: Top 10 strongest/most powerful perfumes ever?

    From my personal collection:

    Portrait of a Lady - seriously, this lasts on clothes for weeks, a bit too much every now and then
    Samsara - see above, you can't wear anything else when wearing a Samsara infused sweater
    Amouage Gold - idem, a 1 spray wonder if there ever was one
    Siberian Musk - not particularly loud but very much everlasting

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    Default Re: Top 10 strongest/most powerful perfumes ever?

    The strongest in my collection might involve..

    Amouage - Interlude Man
    Dior - Leather Oud
    Frederic Malle - Musc Ravageur
    maybe MFK 540 Baccarat Rouge Extrait de Parfum
    maybe Dior - Oud Ispahan
    Balenciaga Pour Homme

    Not necessarily just on projection, but also longevity (to where I can smell it after getting in shower after applying over 12 hours earlier)
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    Default Re: Top 10 strongest/most powerful perfumes ever?

    I haven't revisited a lot of the classics in recent years, but I do recall Ysatis was very potent; the original Obsession, Safari, Shalimar and Coco were also powerful.
    In my current collection I'd have to say Indult's Tihota is my most powerful fragrance. On me one spray lasts all day. Two sprays and I'm scenting the room. And Flowerbomb is very strong. Another "one or two sprays will do" fragrance.
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