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    Default Trying to find signature scent

    Ok, I have been doing a lot of testing recently. I have found my wife and I have differing tastes. Here is what I have so far:

    The wife likes Burberry touch and Dolce and Gabbana Light (blue?) I liked these, but not what I had in mind for a signature scent.

    I was drawn more to Burberry London and Brit and Code.

    I also tried Vetiver by Guerlain and it smelled very soapy to me at first, but (wearing it now) it transformed to a very comforting, clean scent.

    I have smelled Creed's Green Irish Tweed and Tabarome, but have not had a chance to wear them yet. My initial reaction is to like Tabarome, but I will have to see how they react on.

    Also have a sample of Platinum Egoiste. I hope I like it better on than in the vile.

    Any comments? Feedback? Suggestions based on above? Thanks.

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    Default Re: Trying to find signature scent

    well as most will tell you here...just keep testing until one just knocks your socks off. A signature scent, imo, is one that not only smells great and one that you adore, but also one that people will remember you by. I for one, at the moment dont have one because i interchange to often...though if i had an endless supply of Chanel Egoiste, it would likely be it.

    My advice is to look for something that not only you will enjoy greatly, but that is memorable to your wife and those around you.

    Burberry Brit and Touch as well as Platinum Egoiste all sound good to me! I like them all very much.

    My current girlfriend like Egoiste(regular) and L'Homme by ysl on she remembers me by these two scents in particular.....i hope this has helped a little...but, by the way, you should also try Acqua di parma colonia and assoluta...these are great and also classics!
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    Default Re: Trying to find signature scent

    I love London and find Code to be nice enough, too. Only tried Brit once and it seemed nice but I was wearing too many other scents to evaluate it properly. It seems you like scents with a touch of sweetness. I'd also recommend sampling:

    Prada Amber
    Santana for men (the only celeb scent I've found worthy to own)
    Antidote (it's my holy grail, maybe it could be yours too?)
    MPG Iris Bleu Gris - not sweet, but an ultra classy iris.
    Passion for Men (spice and woods, nutmeg, then a strongly vanillic/powdery base)
    Jaipur EDP
    Baldessarini Ambre
    CK Euphoria
    YSL M7
    ***For sale:

    Iris Pallida 50ml

    Ungaro I 75ml

    and more!

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