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    Default Ungaro I and II Questions

    I know there are a lot of Ungaro threads, but I can't tell from the titles that these questions have been asked or answered.

    I have never tried Ungaro I or II, but am curious about the scents.

    Around what year was Ungaro I discontinued?

    Around what year was Ungaro II discontinued?

    If I find bottles or samples of either of these is the fragrance likely to still be good or is it too far gone? I see them on eBay and on the sale/swap boards here from time to time. I also see the Perfumed Court offers decants of Ungaro II.
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    Default Re: Ungaro I and II Questions

    I've got a bottle of Ungaro II up for sale/swap. I'm not sure when they were discontinued, but I can tell you that the bottle I have is definitely 'good' in that it matches the descriptions in the reviews and threads here. I originally got this bottle from a member here who had picked up two bottles from Ebay. So, I know there are (or were ) a few legit bottles on Ebay.
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