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    Default Best and Worst...

    Best Blind Buy (the one that not only beat your destroyed them)

    Worst Blind Buy (this one should be either a niche/expensive fragrance in order to qualify as Worst Ever)...

    Tell me in detail...what you expected and what you got instead....and what made you commit to actually make the blind purchase to that specific fragrance without ever smelling a sample first.
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    Default Re: Best and Worst...

    Worst Blind Buy: La base and Amouage Ciel

    Best blind buy: Kiton Men. Nothing excited me as that initial green smell (later to be ruined by tonka) when I first sprayed it.

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    Default Re: Best and Worst...

    Sorry, but I don't blind buy. I either find fragrances locally or purchase samples online before buying full bottles. Buying fragrances blind online is gambling IMO.
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    Default Re: Best and Worst...

    Best blind buy: Grey Flannel, L'Anarchiste, Dali pour homme (in that order)
    Worst: Ungaro II

    I'll elaborate later if I get the chance.
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    Default Re: Best and Worst...

    Best: Baie de Genievere by Creed. I bought it for the cinnamon leaf note which intrigued me, as well as it has juniper and prior to sniffing BdG, I'd never encountered juniper berries in a scent. I bought it blind because a half used bottle came up extremely cheap here on the Sale boards from a very trusted Basenoter. I loved it instantly when I sprayed it on - there's nothing quite like buying a fragrance blind and finding out that you love it. It's quite a head rush. Same thing, sort of, happened with Play by Comme des Garcons - except it was a brand new bottle and I got caught up in my CdG-Fan-Club madness that sometimes comes over me like a flu.

    Worst: Sticky Cake by Comme des Garcons. I had just started exploring CdG and the Sweet Series was one of the series I had not smelled any of. I expected it to be a strange gourmand and perhaps come across as a modern take on 'cake'. Instead it smelled like something Britney Spears might release: light, wildly feminine and horrible longevity. It simultaneously reminded me of the smell of a stale biscotti and that 'toy' cologne my cousin used to get with her Barbie Dream House. No lie. I bought it because I found it on Ebay cheap and quickly sold the bottle here on BN.

    So Alex, what are your Best and Worst?
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    Default Re: Best and Worst...

    I buy blind about 50% of the time. It's more fun. I rarely end up disappointed. I also find that if I buy a fragrance blind and it lets me down, I'm going to give it more of a chance than if I'd just tried a sample of it. Case in point-- John Varvatos Vintage. I didn't like it at first. If I'd only sampled it, I would have given up on it. But since I paid for a bottle, I really gave it several wearings, and began to discover its wonders.

    Most rewarding blind buy: Comme des Garçons Skai--I opened up the box from Luckyscent, pulled out the crazy bottle and was blown away. Bigtime wow factor for me. It smelled like incense, leather and vinyl record albums. The stuff suits my personality so well. If I had commissioned CdG to come up with a bespoke fragrance for me, it would be Skai. Also, Skai is my number one "head turner" fragrance. If I need a fragrance to get girls' attention, Skai is the go-to. I'll never forget my encounter with the hot punk chicks in fishnets-- I had just sprayed Skai on and was walking by these girls in the hallway. I heard one of them make some negative comment about me-- how I looked like a jerk or something. Then after they'd passed me, one of them turned around and said "Oh my god. You smell amazing! What are you wearing?" After that they invited me to their party.

    Most disappointing blind buy: Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan-- OK, well I gave this one five stars. It is a very good scent, but the problem is, it just isn't quite my style. It gives me a stuffy nose sometimes and it's somewhat feminine IMO. I don't really even regret buying it all that much, because I like to smell it-- but I guess I wish I'd have bought Arabie instead.

    I know a lot of people poo-poo buying blind, but in the end it's just more fun for me. I mean, if I ever got something I truly hated, I could always swap it. Like MikeP says, there's just a head-rush when you get a bottle of something and love it.

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    Default Re: Best and Worst...

    Best Blind Buy - Body Kouros.....i was very iffy with this one beforehand but heard some unique descriptions....the reason why i place it as my "best" buy is because typically i am not a fan of gourmand fragrances (hate A*men, B*men....not a fan of black orchid....etc..), so for me to actually enoy a gourman fragrance was appealing on more than one front....its warm, its enticing, its beautifully cloying......yup there is such a thing.

    Worst Blind Buy - much hype and love as surrounded this one, i would have hoped to find it at least decent.....but i couldnt.....i sampled it like 6 different times and just dont get it....all i smell is nausiating medicine and what boggles my mind even more is that supposedly it is a "chic magnet"....i guess i'm one of those that just doesnt get it..
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    Default Re: Best and Worst...

    Just starting out, so this may change soon.

    Best: Corduroy. Light, fresh citrus and cinnamon. A very casual fragrance. Often spray a bit before going to bed.

    Worst: Everlast. What the hell was Chandler Burr thinking? At least it was only ten bucks.

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    Default Re: Best and Worst...

    Best: Mitsouko Parfum - Just perfect, thankfully not feminine either, on my skin.

    Worst: Coriolan, was hoping for a mossy musk dry down with incense, all I got was a bit of patchouli and some weak flower - Atleast the bottle's pretty.

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    Default Re: Best and Worst...

    best blind buy - M by Mimmina

    worst - YSL pour homme concentree

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    Default Re: Best and Worst...

    best: AdP Colonia. initially i was put off... it smelt like cloying, overstrong soap left on the skin after showering. eventually though something shifted - either in the scent or in my brain - and now i get an effortlessly classy, casual rose/citrus blend that smells fantastic.

    worst: rive gauche. picked it up solely on basenotes hype. liked it for about two seconds untill i realised it created an oxygen-free aura around me about three feet in all directions. to my nose it smelt of something/someone old, and i didn't enjoy it at all.
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    Default Re: Best and Worst...

    Five Best Blind Buys: L'Anarchiste, Kolnisch Juchten, C&S No. 88., 1776 Russian Leather and Bogart pour Homme.

    Five Worst Blind Buys: Caesars Man, Rive Gauche pour Homme, Minotaure, Jovan Musk for Men and Royal Bain de Caron (Champagne).
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    Default Re: Best and Worst...

    Bests - Havana & C&S No. 88
    Worsts - Terre d'Hermes & D&G PH

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    Default Re: Best and Worst...

    Difficult question, since I buy so much blind I've made dozens of great buys - and a few duds.

    I guess the first remains the best: Creed REL, my 1st Creed, which really got me turned on to "niche" and is still one of my all-time favorites.

    Among the worst: Guerlain Vetiver, which I thought I'd just have to love, but which is actually one of the few perfumes that nauseate me.
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    Default Re: Best and Worst...

    Best: Erolfa. I bought this purely on basenotes raves. When I received it in the mail, the first thing I did was hit the shower, dry off, spray on a few shots, and head to my brother's house for a backyard barbecue (this was back home in California). Initially, I didn't really feel it too much. It came off sharp, but nice, yet not what I was expecting. i wasn't really picking up on the citrus. (Upon later wearings, though, I did.) However, by the time I got to the BBQ, the middle notes were on and I was really starting to love it. The sun was setting, the summer breeze was blowing, and the Erolfa was hitting the spot. I must have looked like a total nerd--airing my shirt so I could catch the aroma--but I was hooked. An excellent blind buy and a superb summer scent.

    Worst: Van Cleef & Arpels pour Homme. I don't know if I got a bad bottle of this, but it was just bad. BAD! I'm not sure what I was expecting, but VC&A ended up like a jack in the box of sorts: an old man popped out holding a bouquet of very sharp yet indistinct flowers. Not cool. At all. I tried wearing it and even tried telling myself, "Yeah, this is very complex. Unique!", but I just couldn't pull it off. I couldn't lie to myself anymore. Luckily I had also blind bought Zino. That one was a killer.

    VC&A, on the other hand, found himself a new home.
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    Default Re: Best and Worst...

    Best (it's a tie dammit!): John Varvatos. I bought a mini (disappointed that it was just a splash). I think I learned about it on Basenotes and gave it a shot. I wore it once and I wished I had more (and a friggin' atomizer to use it with)! Then I ended up getting a huge bottle of it recently. It smells so divine and classy, I feel as if I'm not doing the fragrance any justice if I'm not wearing it with a dress shirt and slacks. It's still a very good balance of modern and classy. Exactly what I needed in my wardrobe.

    Another "best" is Thierry Mugler Cologne. I suppose this is a "real" blind buy if I only counted 1 oz and higher. When I smelled Guerlain's Vetiver just to see what the hype is about, I thought it was awful. There were other vetiver scents I sniffed and I thought the smell of fresh cut grass was revolting. Then I bought TM Cologne, despite knowing that it's based on other popular vetiver colognes. At first, I was a little eh, about it. Then I let it settle and it smells like soap. Not bad. Then I started randomly spraying it on myself on certain days when I just don't care. After a while, I got used to vetiver and found the fresh outdoorsy smell with some citrus to be REALLY nice. Plus the sillage was good enough to be smelt from a reasonable distance.

    Worst: It's not exactly a "buy", someone was giving out free bottles and I took Hugo Energise. The top notes were a nice citrus. Then an hour or so passes by. I was sitting watching TV and eating dinner at home, my sister was sniffing around going, "Did Dad light some incense here? Chinese New Year's is over though." Then she found out it was coming from me. "What IS that!?" The great part was the crazy sillage, the bad part was that it projected a scent that made my sister go "ew, oh my god, it still smells like incense." from practically across the room. Haha, it was a pretty fun experience for $5 shipped just to gross out my sister for 10 minutes.
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    Cool Re: Best and Worst...

    Best Blind Buy: Dunhill '34--- I expected something good and elegant, but this was superb beyond all my expectations! It got me hooked to this addiction . . .but then, I've lucked out with so many blind buys: Nicole Miller for Men, Havana, etc.

    Worst? It's a toss up between Route du Vetiver and Amouage Gold ( Good God! Now there's a combo! ) but, though decidedly niche, I mercifully only got decants.

    So The Winner of The Worst ofThe Worst is Givenchy's horrror: Insense Ultramarine.

    I know it's not niche so it wasn't terribly expensive and I'd wear it again if I had a cold and were offered a minimum of $1,000 an hour to endure it.
    What was I expecting? Something aquatic but unusual. In a way, I guess I got it.


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    Default Re: Best and Worst...

    I've only bought blind twice, and those were Hermes Eau d'Orange Vert and M7, and I am in love with both of them (not to contradict ya Acceptfacts )

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    Default Re: Best and Worst...

    Best : John Varvatos.. it exceeded all my expentations, and then some.
    Worst : Tie .. Lacoste Elegance (It's not bad but I could have done without it.. atleast it was cheap) and Escada Sentiment (Not a blind buy per se.. I had tested it before buying but i'm not sure what got into my head making me buy it.. ouch!)

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    Default Re: Best and Worst...

    Best: Terre d'Hermes (not totally a blind buy, because of all the good reviews)
    Worst: Polo Black (I love Polo Green and like Polo Blue and I expected Polo Black to be... "different")
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    Default Re: Best and Worst...

    I did only one blind buy so far, and I hated it initially, but my first wearing coincided with bad circumstances, so I guess the scent kept reminding me of them, and that made me hate it. But after a while I was able to give it full wearing and now I love the scent. It's Romeo Gigli Per Uomo.

    All the other scents I tried at least once before buying.

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    Default Re: Best and Worst...

    Quote Originally Posted by Boal View Post
    I did only one blind buy so far, and I hated it initially, but my first wearing coincided with bad circumstances, so I guess the scent kept reminding me of them, and that made me hate it. But after a while I was able to give it full wearing and now I love the scent. It's Romeo Gigli Per Uomo.

    All the other scents I tried at least once before buying.
    Hey ... Romeo Gigli is one of a batch of three blind buys of mine from last week !!
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    Default Re: Best and Worst...

    Best:Casual Friday by Escada.

    Worst:Land by Lacoste .(This mess could not be justifiied even by a very old bottle...).
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    Default Re: Best and Worst...

    Best was Havana / Havana Reserva

    Worst was Basala (although I washed that one off so fast, I think I should give that one another shot...)

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    Default Re: Best and Worst...

    Quote Originally Posted by Rawk Lee View Post
    Haha, it was a pretty fun experience for $5 shipped just to gross out my sister for 10 minutes.
    Haha, I wish my sister cared enough to actually notice, would make life so much more amusing

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    Default Re: Best and Worst...

    Best: Versace l'Homme; C& S No. 88.

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    Default Re: Best and Worst...

    Best:Tumulte Christian Lacroix.Simple.Focused. Timeless.
    Worst: Duc de Vervins Houbigant.Cheap.Overated.Questionable.
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