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    Question How do you know if a fragrance is a knockoff?

    I am in the process of learning about buying scent online. I'm amazed at the number of merchants offering discount prices on perfumes!

    How does a potential customer know if the product is an imitation ("knockoff")? I've heard that the scents, bottles and boxes can be duplicated with such skill that it's nearly impossible to tell if it's an authentic product.

    Are there any clues I should look for? Any cautions here or anywhere else on the web as to suspect merchants vs. discounters that deal in the real brands they say they're selling?

    Before I dive into this pool, I'd appreciate any hints anyone here could give me...


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    Default Re: How do you know if a fragrance is a knockoff?

    On eBay, make sure you run the seller's ID on ToolHaus so you can read all the negative/neutral reviews to see if anyone's questioned the authenticity. Also, as far as online retailers in general, stick with the names mentioned on this board and run a search to find threads on particular retailers. You'll be fine. Also, make sure that retailer has a good return policy. It's best if you familiarize yourself with a scent by smelling it at a store and trying it on yourself. Your nose is pretty much the only way now to tell if something's fake.

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    Default Re: How do you know if a fragrance is a knockoff?

    Watch any particular frag and you'll see an average price. If someone offers that scent for more than a few dollars below average, be very alert. Normally on eBay and the like, they're selling very close to cost and making profit on volume of sales. For example, I've been shopping around for A*Men, which averages $55-60 for a 3.4 EdT. I found it on Google Checkout for $19 shipped. The only 3 reviews for the store in question all said the same thing; the company took their money and sent nothing.

    Caveat emptor.

    EDIT: Also, usually you can find pictures of any particular bottle and packaging online, and that can be very helpful.
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