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    Default Help me. Please.

    Basically, i'm looking for a creme to remove puffy eyes and bags, due to serious sleep depravation, i'm in a play in 3 weeks, and need to look as top notch as possible

    I'm also looking for something to make my skin look less dull, along with evening out the tone, I know a product like this is probably costly, but my mom may foot the bill if I bully her into it, so as cheap as possible, but if expensive, s'okay!

    I have a few opinions on some products, if it matters, i'm a guy, 15, no wrinkles, just the bags, puffyness and dullness, all signs of a bad diet, and sleep depravation (I'm changing all of that! I even drink 8 glasses of water a day now!) But, the cosmetics should help me for now

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    Default Re: Help me. Please.

    Origins do an eye mask called No Puffery which you can use for taking down puffiness.
    Clarins do an eye version of their Beauty Flash.
    Or cheap and works cold used tea bags. Keep them in the fridge and sit with them on for 10 minuites.

    Well I would say you need to exfoliate your skin for a start.
    Have a look at
    She has brought out a men's range but her original Cleanse and Polish is a cleanser and gentle exfoliator in one. Also look at the Brightening Mask, you can mix it with C&P and use every day.

    Moisturisers with Vit C are good at brightening, but Vit C is not stable when already mixed into a product.
    Philosophy do a Vit C powder which you can mix a tiny amount into your moisturiser each day for a boost.

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    Default Re: Help me. Please.

    Nivea Visage does a cheap and cheerful under-eye cream that's good.

    L'Oreal and a few other moderately-priced brands do skincare ranges specifically for men. I'm assuming these'd include eye cream!

    Check their websites!
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    Default Re: Help me. Please.

    my sister has this stuff by avon(i think) thats for what your saying, i havent seen it around in awhile thought.
    i just use a pore reducer and a normal acne mask once or twice a week

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    Default Re: Help me. Please.

    Oh, I have been using YSL Hydra-Feel eye gel, it is great. Hydrates super well, gets rid of puffiness instantly.
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    Default Re: Help me. Please.

    Isn't Preparation H well known for being able to reduce eye puffyness? I may be talking out of my ass here.

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    Thumbs up Re: Help me. Please.

    for eye puffiness: Chantecaille's Vital Essence. Kinda pricey, but it will last you for ages and is great as an anti-imflammatory for breakouts as well as promoting an environment where bacteria can't survive.

    for skin brightening and exfoliating: Fresh's Appleseed Brigthening exfoliant. It's a mechanical scrub with fruit extracts to even skin tone, prevent hyper pigmentation (with the use of fruit enzymes), and give you softer, smoother skin.

    I use both of these, but I also use the new Shu Uemura Phyto Black Lift brightening essence- essentially a toner that helps skin turnover, as well as extracts of black tea ferment and highly mineralized seawater to improve hydration and fight the signs of aging (dullness, lines...)

    I got carded at a bar last weekend, and I'm in my 30s, so I think that it's working!

    but if you're looking for a quick fix- Fresh has the Appleseed Resurfacing Kit. Essentially a peel that combines AHAs, BHAs, glycolic and malic acid. It's actually really gentle... I've used it on myself, as well as people with rosacea and have yet to see a bad reaction. It works instantly and can be used about once a week. it's almost 150 bucks a kit, and each kit gives you between 20 and 25 uses. It's the thing I love the most....

    wow, I really have more skincare than any one man needs. In my defense- I'm really vain and I do work in the industry... so it just kinda happens!
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    Default Re: Help me. Please.

    Vivek dude, how about going to bed on time?

    (not joking )
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    You have three weeks. Get some sleep, sweetie. Getting enough sleep is the ultimate beauty cure.

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    Default Re: Help me. Please.

    The play didn't go ahead last week, due to Natasha (one of the characters) being sick :P It's now in the second week of April, but thankfully, all bags are gone, and I look far less tired. But, i've got a bit of an eye infection, and it's drying out the skin around my eyes, I think I'm cursed :P

    Seeing a dermatologist then a doctor about it on monday, thanks for all the help

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    Default Re: Help me. Please.

    use fair and handsom to look handsom also drink 5 ltr of water per day.

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    Default Re: Help me. Please.

    Quote Originally Posted by MadScientist View Post
    Isn't Preparation H well known for being able to reduce eye puffyness? I may be talking out of my ass here.
    You're right! Preparation H actually does help reduce bags under the eyes. Some of my hard working (as well as hard partying and not-sleeping-much) actor and musician friends use it all the time.
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    I think the best way to prevent puffy eyes is to avoid salt and alcohol, get plenty of sleep and drink lots of water. And, if the puffiness is due to little fat deposits in the eyelids, nothing short of surgery is going to make any difference.

    I read that you can freeze spoons and then put them on your eye lids. I haven't tried that though. I also read that Preparation H used to contain an ingredient that worked well but the ingredient is no longer allowed in the USA so, at least here, a reformulated version is being sold and it is no longer effective for that use. IIRC, the formula sold in Canada still works. I wouldn't know which formula is sold in the UK though.

    I have used Clinique No Puffery, as sugested by Donna255. I used to keep a small tube in the refrigerator and it reduced the puffiness a little and it felt really good, probably because it was chilled.

    I had the best results with these pads:|148|bs0011
    The drawback to them though is you need to lay down for several minutes while using them.

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    Default Re: Help me. Please.

    I see this is an old post, but I wondered why it was such an issue. Don't all drama departments have a makeup kit or something to camouflage things like that?

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    Default Re: Help me. Please.

    Camaflouge, yes. But the OP was looking for something to REMOVE his skin imperfections, not just hide them.
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    Wink Re: Help me. Please.

    Quote Originally Posted by MadScientist View Post
    Isn't Preparation H well known for being able to reduce eye puffyness? I may be talking out of my ass here.
    No you're not! Models have been using it for 20-30 years!

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    Default Re: Help me. Please.

    As the worst-case scenario - puffy eyes are sometimes inherited and you can only mitigate this effect. Don't worry, however, you have many other strong points don't you?

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