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    I know posting about this department store fragrance may warrant some frowns but, I was fond of the one in the cantene bottle. I hear that XY was inspired by that one. I did a search here on basenotes and couldn't find any fruitful discussions on it. Since the notes lead me to believe it is a real green scent which I am a sucker for, I am curious to have it described by more capable minds on this board. I called a SA at dillards and she said it was more of a spice than green. She also said she has not sold one bottle of it. Thanks for any descriptions you can provide.

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    I thought the one that looked like a battery was supposed to share Hugo's notes minus the pine. I bought a 3.4 oz Hugo when it came out along with DK Unleaded. Much happier with my DK purchase. Wore it 10-1 over the Hugo. I didn't like Hugo's rum and clove notes it was unbearable for me to wear. I ended up giving it to my brother. He liked it. Thing was I was back to smelling it again.

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    This is a very minty fragrance with hints of watermelon (to my nose, the note isn't listed though). The watermelon is subdued though and quite watery. It dries down to a bit of a clean linen smell, but the freshness of the mint never full dissapears. It doesn't develop much, but it is nice enough for what it is. Would be great to spritz on after a workout or on a really hot day. Don't expect spices though. Expect a crisp, vibrant, uplifting minty water accord and that's what you've got.
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    I just wore it tonight and a friend told me it smelled nice. It's super fresh and the sillage is pretty good. I do get the subtle watermelon note, but the minty freshness made it appealing to me. It's definitely one that would wake me up if I put it on in the morning. It's pretty one-dimensional, but if that's what you want, this one pulls no surprises, and it's really pleasant and clean. I think I'm going to be trying to get samples of this a couple more times. I personally dug this one.

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