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    Default Wardrobe reviews needs a...

    Sillage section. This is why.....

    I love my terre d'hermes right...i'd put it down as the only smell i'd keep if I could only have one. But recently I went to my girlfriends house, sat down....her mum came into the room and said "ohh whats that smell your wearing" but the tone didnt say "ohh its lovely" it said "ohh its strong". I'd sprayed like 3 sprays...30 minutes beforehand.

    Thats not longevity. Thats sillage. A fart terms lol

    Longevity in my eyes means that even if its a smell that generally stays close to the body ie gaultier2 (on me) you will still smell it there several hours later in the day.

    Sillage means when I walk past you will catch a whiff....and thats important when reviewing a scent surely? I see so many "whats the best sillage" threads and have even made one myself.

    Just an idea guys....keep up the good.

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    Default Re: Wardrobe reviews needs a...

    I'm not quite sure how your proposed section would work, since sillage would seem to depend, among other factors, on the number and intensity of sprays.

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    Default Re: Wardrobe reviews needs a...

    You could always use a relative scale. If Joop is a 5 and hei is a 1 you could place an edt in between.
    But I think that in the end it is you who decides to know how much fragrance to use. Sorry, but that is the correct way to go: You have to learn and ask, even if you are in a couple of embarrassing situations. Some girls I know can use up to 6 sprays of certain fragrance, but when I spray on me, 3 are just too much. Still they never smell bad!

    EDIT: Maybe, and just, maybe, the mother of your girlfriend hates you. She wanted you to feel insecure... now that is an genius
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