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    Default Ma Griffe

    I have a dear friend visiting me from Brazil. She was looking at my growing fume collection, then sighed - and asked, "would you happen to have a sample of Ma Griffe? It was the only perfume I ever really loved."

    I didn't - and hadn't thought about it in years, I remember seeing it in stores years ago, but never owned any nor can I remember sniffing it. I asked her why and she sighed even more deeply and said in the shops in Brazil it is unobtainable, and several SA's there had told her it was no longer in production and tried to sell her something else.

    I headed straight here to bn - checked - found that a few of you love it is much as she does (great reviews)

    Then found it easily online. So - secretly last night I ordered her a bottle. It should arrive on Tuesday. And I will get a chance to sniff it - which is the bonus.

    Any other Ma Griffe lovers out there?
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    Default Re: Ma Griffe

    I have a bottle of the new Ma Griffe which I'm told is nothing much like the original. I like it and will happily wear it a SotD, but when I did so recently I remarked on its distinct lack of raciness. You would not believe from the bottle I have that it was once considered rather risqué. The new version is nice and clean and polite to my nose, and I like it as a change to the serious stuff when I feel in need of a lighter touch.

    I regret to say that if I ever smelled the original I am unaware of it. I would love to smell it.

    I hope your friend enjoys it.
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    Default Re: Ma Griffe

    I agree with Sestra that the currently produced Ma Griffe isn't much like the original, but it is fresh and pleasant. I have vintage Ma Griffe in several concentrations, and wear the EDT fairly often. If your friend is serious about recapturing the experience of wearing the original, I would suggest that she look for vintage bottles on eBay.

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    Default Re: Ma Griffe

    I've only smelled vintage MaGriffe...I'd like to hear someone compare/contrast the vintage and modern versions. DeeOlive, you're a generous and thoughtful friend! I'm sure she'll be pleasantly suprised!

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    Default Re: Ma Griffe


    At least I've searched the forum before posting.

    A thread on the boys board about the new Carven Vetiver made me think of Ma Griffe - and my observation that it has gone from invisible, to, well, not prominent, but certainly on the shelves. And as per the Vetiver, I see that Ma Griffe has been reformulated and re-launched.

    As it's more than a year since ubuandibeme asked - can anyone provide a comparison of the original and the current Ma Griffe ? I've had a quick skim through the reviews ...


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    Default Re: Ma Griffe

    Ma Griffe is such a great scent! Elegant, yet fun and bit "daring" in an odd way. Read a review (maybe here??) that described it as a "pointy green perfume". Love it. Oh your friend will be so excited! What a lovely thing to do- I would be over the moon if I received a HTF perfume as a surprise from a friend

    I'm trying to sort out which formulation of Ma Griffe I had that packed some of the green tingly punch of the original. The bottle was sort of a funky triangular shape with a somewhat tacky and cheap green plastic lid - i *think* this was the formula that was favourably compared to the original Ma Griffe. There is a little shop here that sells this version for around $40 CAN. I swapped for yet another version of MG awhile back- it had a glass lid and was rectangular- which I didn't like as much as my first bottle, but this formula seems to be the most readily available.
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    Default Re: Ma Griffe

    New one smells nothing like the older one, sad to say.
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    I have a small vintage parfum which Ive only recently taken out of its box for the first time. Its wonderful, and as others have mentioned, much lovelier than the modern formula.

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    Default Re: Ma Griffe

    I wish I had some to compare. I have the new one, and I had a bottle as a teen in the 70's. The older one was nicer, but I never got the green sharpness everyone speaks of. It was always very soft & silky to my nose, as is the current form, though it's lacking something - I don't know what. Still, it's quite nice.

    I remember Carven's Vetiver. A friend of my family used to wear that and he always smelled wonderful. I was sorry to hear it had been reformulated for the worse. Has it been re-reformulated now into something similar to its original deliciousness?

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    Default Re: Ma Griffe

    I was never a Ma Griffe fan, but I adored the old version of Variations by Carven. It was relaunched in 200 or so but I never re-tried it. (The old Variations was my mother's.)
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    Default Re: Ma Griffe

    Dee, I was just talking about you with another BNer, happy trails wherever you are.

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    Default Re: Ma Griffe

    The newer, reformulated Ma Griffe is.....nice. Just nice.

    Pre-reformulation, Ma Griffe was a nice, green-tinged floral on the outside, an animal on the inside. The reformulation is like Ma Griffe's top notes with no place to go. A dead end. A former co-worker of mine wore the original Ma Griffe often, and on her the sharper greens and the deeper mosses came out to perfection as the day went on. Those are the some of the things that are missing from the newer Ma Griffe, along with the unique musk in the dry down. Another R.I.P. .... and another r.i.p.-off.
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