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Thread: Sous le Vent

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    I was quite taken with my sample of Sous le Vent this week......

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    The more I get familiar with it, the better I love it. I love the presentation also.....and now want to get it in the 500 ml bee bottle

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    This is one of the best kept secrets in the perfume world... count me in as another great fan. I have fallen in love with it in the past weeks. I agree fully with JaimeB's and drseid's reviews. drseid speaks about an almost limelike accord in the opening that I definitely see as well. It must be the citrus (bergamot), herbs (mainly tarragon I am rather sure) with the green notes joining in.
    The drydown lingers on for a long time, very quietly and refined with a distinctive chypré accord (I can smell the oakmoss here faintly before Sous le Vent finally fades out). There is a slightly animalic and naughty facet hidden in the base structure that I assume will bloom better in summer. In summary I'd say it is a slightly powdery and animalic aromatic chypré with a hint of the new Vol de Nuit extrait's green note and a woody touch of Roja Dove's chypré Diaghilev.
    It is not discontinued 'for the moment' as the official Guerlain wording is...
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    One of my favorite fragrances. It reminds me of a combination of Jicky and Eau de Guerlain. I also smell very close similarities to Derby in the drydown. Very uplifting fragrance that works well all year round.
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    Sous le Vent was my signature scent for about ten years. Still love it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luis View Post
    Sous le Vent was my signature scent for about ten years. Still love it.
    Was it readily available before 2006, Luis? I thought it had been discontinued quite some time ago before the revival.

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    I mentioned on another thread that one time I wore this scent out, to a nightclub, and some guy actually told me I smelled great & asked me what I was wearing. I told him the name - he'd never heard of it (of course). I asked him what he liked about it and his response was 'It smells like powder, but really really nice powder'.
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    I am so tempted to purchase. . .

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    Is there any news of SLV being discontinued? this is a wonderful unisex.

    (know that the new Derby in the wooden bottle is altogether a different beast from the older Derby in the bee bottle, which I love.)
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    I think I have mentioned it in another thread, but Sous le Vent is not produced aymore. This is according to an internal source.

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