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    Default CB I Hate Perfume: Absolute or Water Perfume?

    I've been reading a lot about the CB I Hate Perfume line and am interested in trying out a couple of them. The two aquatics; Mr. Hulot's Holiday and 1966 At The Beach, have particularly piqued my interest as i was born and raised in South Florida.
    The question I have is there are two versions to buy; the absolute which looks like an oil but I'm not sure what you do with that. Do you place it directly on your skin? How much more concentrated is it than cologne or EDT.
    The second option is "water perfume" which sounds more like EDT but despite CB's hand-waving about no alcohol sounds like it would have less longevity.
    So the info I'm looking for, from someone who has worn some of these CB I Hate Perfume scents, is what your experience was with either the absolute or water perfume and if you think one is inherently better than the other.
    Thanks for your help.

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    Default Re: CB I Hate Perfume: Absolute or Water Perfume?

    I have Russian Caravan Tea in the water perfume and it lasts all day on me...mind you, I tend to spray it more liberally than others I own. I've never tried any of them in the absolute form.

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    Default Re: CB I Hate Perfume: Absolute or Water Perfume?

    I have sampled about ten CBIHP scents in the water formula - and I think I prefer this version. The absolutes are a little messy with the oil, and to me the scent was a little to 'thick' and 'plastic' smelling in the oil versus the water. Of course, this is a generalization - some people swear by the absolute (oil) versions and love them. Go figure.

    I have tried both scents you mentioned and I think they are too similar to warrant owning both. IMO, At the Beach is better - please try it, it's a fantastic recreation of beach smells mixed with olfactory memories of being at the beach as a kid (shampoo, sunscreen, a little plastic rubber pail...). Robbie (jrd4t) if he's reading this thread can comment also - he owns ATB.

    If you like Dirt by Demeter then please sample Black March by CBIHP.
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    Default Re: CB I Hate Perfume: Absolute or Water Perfume?

    I prefer the absolutes. Stronger and longer lasting. "Gathering Apples' in absolute stays true to the scent until it wears off. Mixed with water it turns to sour apple candy after a while. My favorites don't seem to be talked about much,(The Accords) are my favorite. I love "Pipe Tobacco", "Smokey Tobacco" and Macadamia Coffee. They run about $25 for 15ml of absolute. These don't change much from beginning to end. Essentially no development, but I enjoy them from time to time. Experiment with some of the "Accords" because thet are fun.
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    Default Re: CB I Hate Perfume: Absolute or Water Perfume?

    I agree with thebeck.
    You can purchase all of the accords on the cbihp website, with one major exception, the food accords. It is worth the trip to cb's shop in the W'burg section of Brooklyn just to smell his roast beef or sweet rice or any other of his food scents.
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    Default Re: CB I Hate Perfume: Absolute or Water Perfume?

    I to am interested in purchasing some of his collection as well. Since the absolutes are pure oil, could one dilute them in perfumers alcohol in a dilution to their liking and there for create their own parfum with his absolutes?

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