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    Default Question about Cool Water?

    I have many fragrances, but for some reason I find myself loving Cool Water. But I have a question about it. I tend to spray it, and then it appears to die within 2 hours or so. Why would the smell fade so fast I thought it used to last longer, or has my nose become accustomed? (although I am in cold weather/winter months). Also how many sprays is appropriate too? I've heard anywhere from 1-2 is to much, to 5 is needed?


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    Default Re: Question about Cool Water?

    First, you'll need other people around you to gauge if you put on too much or too little. Nose fatigue may cause scents to seem as if they've disappeared to you. I'd say start with a couple. Then next time, up it by another spray. Be sure to apply to pulse points (jugulars of your neck, upper chest, inside elbows, wrists, dab behind ears). Er...but not all places at once. Just see which combination of areas and amounts of sprays would work best on you. If the scent fades fast, apply lotion or body butter (it's not as gross as you'd picture it with the word "butter" in it) on areas where the scent's going to be applied to prior to spraying because the body's natural oils is what keeps fragrances going. If your skin's dry, it'll drink the juice up. Once you have a bottle of something you really like, you'll go through quite some trial and error to get to a point where you wear it perfectly (or as ideally as possible). I hope this helps.
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    Default Re: Question about Cool Water?

    I agree that a test trial with feedback from those around you who will smell it is needed. I still love Cool Water and I have over 20 other bottles. I still resort to wearing it in warmer weather.

    I wear 4-5 sprays of it. If you are wearing that type of scent in the cold you might get a more intense case of nose fatigue because it doesn't carry as well so you stop noticing it (this is not really nose fatigue but has the same effect). That happens to me sometimes. I also suggest that you spray your shirt. I've never had any problems with stains and it keeps the scent really well. I like smelling it in my shirt. It helps really well with longevity on a number of scents, this one included. Try it.

    Good luck.

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    Default Re: Question about Cool Water?

    A scent like Coolwater needs alot more than 2 sprays.. Something like Kouros or M7 you would be able to get away with it!

    I agree with the suggestion of sprays to your shirt!
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    Default Re: Question about Cool Water?

    Put one spray on your shirt, it will last a long time. I sprayed it on my shirt once, a week later the scent was still there, wafting up many times. Well, I got a bottle recently handed down from my brother because he didn't want it, and I'm still in high school so it doesn't bother me. I tried it for school one day and used 4 sprays (one on each inner elbow, the chest, and neck). After about 4 hours, the scent on my skin was dead and it smelled like soap. However, because I sprayed it on my chest, some of it rubbed off on my shirt I guess and the smell remained. The thing is I live in Canada and we have pretty harsh winters so I'll have to re-test when the weather finally warms up.

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    Default Re: Question about Cool Water?

    I go about 4 sprays of cool water, always around my chest and neck area, and often one in the bend of my elbow. People notice it hours into the day, but this is in the australian summer, and my skin is kinda oily

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    Default Re: Question about Cool Water?

    I personally need about 8 sprays in all to have it last throughout the day. However, I don't spray it all at once..... 4 sprays at the start of the day and 4 sprays post lunch.. i.e. post 2pm for an 8 hour workday.

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    Default Re: Question about Cool Water?

    Do NOT over apply Cool Water Deep.

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    Default Re: Question about Cool Water?

    0 sprays Cool Water, 4 sprays Green Irish Tweed.
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