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    Default Crystal Noir by Versace

    I'm going to order a sample of this stuff and just wanted to know if I should go for the EDT or EDP?

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    Default Re: Crystal Noir by Versace

    I have the edp, lasts all day on me and I know from compliments that it has great sillage. If I remember correctly the edt was sharper but that could just be body chemistry. You could try both and see which one you prefer.

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    Default Re: Crystal Noir by Versace

    I have the EDP and it's divine. I'd definately go for the EDP over the EDT as it will have more longevity on the skin.

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    Default Re: Crystal Noir by Versace

    Yesterday I tried the EDT version and it was very strong on me for about 5 hours. After that I could smell it on my wrist for another couple of hours. It was rich and creamy thoughout.
    The story continues. I tried the EDP version and was a bit dissappointed. Not much sillage (kept asking bf to sniff me and report), more discreet, the creamy notes were less pronounced. These things are often a plus but in the case of Crystal Noir I'm looking for a bomb, a sillage monster. Has anyone had the same experience?
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