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    Default Been a While (Rec's?)...

    Hey 'noters. Been some time since I've posted, but it's getting to be that time where I'm randomly craving something new. I'm guessing nobody remembers me, and I haven't been at all diligent at updating my wardrobe. SO, we'll throw out some information and preferences and see what The Fragrance Experts might toss up as a recommendation or two.

    Personally: 30-something, Medical field (Pediatric Respiratory... Obviously, there ARE no 'At Work' scents). Somewhat iconoclastic and irreverent, though not too flagrantly -- Former band-fronting musician, so despite being fairly traditional/professional I still have a lot of that stage whore 'Check ME Out' arrogance that hasn't quite gone away.

    I'm a unilateral anosmic (Occasionally 'hyposmia', as I do get the rare hint of smell, but for the most part it's gone) -- Hard to explain how this effects my frag preferences. Some notes are more prominant and recognizable to me, some just blend together.

    Living in San Antonio, TX. It's hot. It's humid. There's not really any such thing as 'Winter' as the rest of the country might know it.

    Some Favorites and Not-So Favorites:

    Guerlain Vetiver: I regularly return to this one. While I do enjoy both of Creed's Vetiver offerings, the Guerlain is far more interesting to me. I get a good sort of 'blended disonnance' from it. It's crisp AND smoky, fresh AND dirty.

    Creed Erolfa: This might be the only Creed I'd actually shell out the money for. I find Erolfa addictive, though it gets a little 'off' to my nose deep into the base. As far as the rest of the Creeds go... Imperial I love, though the longevity makes bad value for me. OV I 'Like', but it's not knee-buckling awesome. Original Santal is FAR too sweet for my nose. I have a pretty strong aversion to sweet scents in general, though I do have a fondness for citrus (If it'd ever last... the universal lament for citrus scents). Surprising to me, I don't much care for Bois du Portugal... Strangely enough, I -do- like Guerlain Heritage, and I like Antaeus, both of which I place in the same category as BdP.

    Bulgari Aqva: Another one of my regulars. A lot of aquatics seem to blend together to me, and Aqva is definitely a stand-out. I'm also a big fan of Mare, though I like it better on my girlfriend -- It doesn't wear well with my chemistry, it almost turns into a soliflore on me with that lone ginger lily note screaming from my skin.

    Kouros: I've come to love Kouros. The first few times I sampled it, I thought it was just downright horrid... and I STILL think it smells hideous on paper. It was an addictive kind of hideous, though. I'd repeatedly sniff it, think, 'Oh, GAWD... grrrk!'. And then do it over and over and over. Eventually it went from tolerance to appreciation to adoration. My recent sampling of Yatagan reminded me of that process. Yatagan was endlessly fascination, though somewhere in the middle it had an odd gourmand 'sour' note that gave me the sensation that if I touched that spot on my arm my fingers would come away slimy and sticky. Kind of a 'Something Died in the Forest' vibe. YET, I kept on smelling it.

    One of the scents it reminded me of for a while was another guilty sin favorite: Quorum. At certain points, I can't differentiate the three; Quorum, Bijan, Yatagan -- My brain-damaged nose just fixates on, I'm guessing, the run of patchouli, and ignores everything else. They all start from and lead to different directions, but there's a crossroads between them that my nose latches on to.

    The Dreamer: I hate the Dreamer. Grotesquely sweet to my nose, I can't even pull a hint of tobacco out of it. In some passing testings, Hypnoise reminded me of that off-putting note. It could just be the anosmia talking, though, as I've yet to find many people who agree with me that the two are similar.

    PdP Maestrale: REAL fond of this stuff. It's dirty in the best possible way, with a 'Marine' slant. I'm thinking I'm a pretty big fan of cumin. (Which reminds me, I need to get another sample of Cumming... it didn't last near enough. Wears surprisingly light and clean on me despite the list of notes...)

    Okay, that's enough fragrance navel-gazing for me. Any suggestions appreciated!

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    Default Re: Been a While (Rec's?)...

    I read through your profile and honestly, I am finding it hard to recommend something!
    I usually don't have that problem.
    Two things come to mind; since you like Guerlain's Vetiver and ultimately find the Guerlain more interesting that the Creed, why not check out another Guerlain? Coriolan is my suggestion, especially considering the Texas heat and it's only gonna get warmer for a while. Coriolan can still be found for an excellent price even though it's discontinued. It'll give you some body and hold your interest while still being light enough and non-cloying for the heat.

    Secondly, I will mention Cacharel Pour Homme. Another that will hold your interest yet be tolerable in the heat with a proper application.

    Both of these are different enough from what you mention above and from each other and neither are aquatics of which you already seem to have enough of IMO. (I'm not a big fan of them).
    I'll refrain from further description on the recommended scents because I think you should sample them first and decide for yourself and also because the reviews in the directory are far better than what I could accomplish.

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: Been a While (Rec's?)...

    Coriolan might be interesting -- I do like me some juniper.

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