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    Thumbs up Jacomo Paradox Green (review + compare and contrast)

    I am a frag neophyte, this is my first frag review ever, and I am known among my friends for having a fairly undeveloped sense of smell, so go easy on me.

    Received Paradox Green yesterday from an ebay store with good reviews. Paid $25 including shipping for a 3.3oz bottle. So right off, not too pricey.

    The bottle itself is rather attractive with a wide base and a pretty unique spray nozzle. The box it comes packaged in is transparent and also adds to the high-class look. Problem is that the packaging is extremely impractical. The box is almost a cube, and because of the bottle's wide base design I will have to decant into an atomizer just to carry Paradox with me in a toiletry bag. Problem is that the shape of the bottle makes it difficult to decant into a small atomizer without leaking it all over the place. And man, this stuff is GREEN. Like I mentioned in an earlier post, it looks like Scope mouthwash. Not exactly the color I'd have chosen. I prefer natural colors myself, but I guess a frag package has to stand out from the crowd somehow to get noticed, and they also had to distinguish this frag from the Paradox BLUE.

    Sprayed it once on my wrist immediately. VERY pleasant smell to me. Somecomplexity, but nothing in-your-face. Maybe just a little generic. Very citrusy opening, evolving into a spicy middle and a mellow dry-down.

    Okay, this is why I ordered Paradox Green (PG) in the first place. It shares most of the same notes with Armani Code (AC) and has some others. I think the only note that Code has and Green doesn't is the Olive flower middle note. I was looking for something like Code but a little different, maybe a little stronger statement.

    So how did they compare? Well, I am abivalent about that so far. I sprayed equal amounts to the back of two business cards to test. PG's atomizer gives a very fine mist spray in rather spare amounts, so I gave two PG pumps for every one AC. Disappointingly, AC is still the stronger one, with all the notes up front. It's a good thing PG comes standard in a 3.3oz bottle because I'll have to spray two or three times more than AC for the same strength.

    PG is more citrusy in its opening, and very fresh. Reminds me of spring and freshwater brooks in a forest after a rainfall. The spice in PG takes a backseat to the freshness. AC has citrus too, but for me that's overshadowed by a spicy aroma that seems to stay with it on through drydown.

    As PG's fresh opening fades, the spice comes through. This is where PG and AC smell the most similar, because AC opens evolves (or not) and closes with the spice.

    AC drydown remains spicy, while the spice fades rather quickly in PG. PG's drydown seems quite subtle to me, but rather interesting--woody and musky with a hint of spice. PG keeps a little of the spice, but more musky than AC, which I liked, but again could have lived with it being a little stronger.

    Longevity can be deceiving, I think. Since AC keeps its opening spicy notes throughout, it seems to last longer than PG, which has more subtle basenotes. But that being said, I do have something of a cold this week, and spicier notes could simply be easier for me to detect right now than the more subtle musk and wood. The first time I sprayed PG on my wrist at lunchtime it stayed with me for the rest of the day, so that isn't really too bad.

    While I wish Paradox Green could make a little stronger statement with the same notes, I am overall happy with the purchase, and will be happy to wear it. I think Armani Code, while it seems less complex to me, might be more of an attention-getter, being less subtle than Paradox Green and keeping its more noticeable sharp spicy notes throughout.

    Thoughts and comments welcome. Thanks for reading!

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    Default Re: Jacomo Paradox Green (review + compare and contrast)

    Quote Originally Posted by Galleddrim View Post
    so go easy on me.
    Dude, this is the internet - I think it's mandatory that we mock and abuse you.

    Welcome to the community - you've found a good place.

    One of the things I love/hate about reading excellent reviews like this is that I want to go out and smell and/or make a blind purchase so I can read and sniff at the same time.

    Keep the reviews coming!
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    Default Re: Jacomo Paradox Green (review + compare and contrast)

    I have been interested in Paradox Blue, have you tried it? If so, I'd like to read your review.

    This one is excellent it makes me want to try the green juice now.
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    Default Re: Jacomo Paradox Green (review + compare and contrast)

    If I am not mistaken, this is a woman's perfume. No?

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    Default Re: Jacomo Paradox Green (review + compare and contrast)

    Quote Originally Posted by Scentologist View Post
    If I am not mistaken, this is a woman's perfume. No?
    There is a women's version of Paradox Green, but this is the Men's version. Search the Basenotes database. You'll find both. The notes listed are quite different between the two. The women's packaging is a bit different shape.

    I have not tried Paradox Blue, but I am curious about it now. I ordered Green blind, using only the note similarity with Code as a guide. Still hoping to find something with a similar effect but stronger. Might try something from Burberry next.

    As for the review, take what I say with a grain of salt when deciding whether or not to spend money. This is the best review I could write, but I am pretty new to the fragrance world, and have very limited experience.

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    Default Re: Jacomo Paradox Green (review + compare and contrast)

    Great review and welcome to basenotes! You are correct, there is mens version. It sounds like you may want to try out Un Jardin en Mediterranee by Hermes. This along with Kion Men is the two most beautiful green fragrances you will ever find!

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