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    Default Perfumer's Library

    I'm starting a perfumer's library on formulation with synthetics and would like to know what I should get.

    Is there a book (French or English) with some formulas? And are these worth getting: Handbook of Perfumes and Flavors - Secondini and Perfumery and Flavoring Synthetics - Bedoukian?


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    Hi scentophile,

    I'm only familiar with the two perfumery books I own:

    An Introduction to Perfumery, Curtis and Williams

    Perfumery - Principles and Practice, J. Jellinek

    Both are excellent books, but only contain formulas for floral accords. The accord formulas in An Introduction to Perfumery are very precise, the ones in Principles and Practice just tell you what ingredients make up each accord.

    The best source for formulas I have found is the yahoo group Perfumemaking, it contains lots of formulas in the archives section. You can also find quite a few at

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    You can also find formulas for demonstration fragrances or accords on the websites of some of the major flavor and fragrance companies. Here is one from Firmenich:

    also, when you Google a particular aromachemical, you will often find patent applications that show complete formulas.
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