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    Default Terrific Columbian stash

    Whenever I seek out an oriental, I generally make certain coffee is one of the notes. I found it brings inexplicable depth and comfort to a fragrance, rounding out the edgier bits. Maybe it's just because coffee is virtually "universally" appreciated and therefore very familiar....Whatever.

    The SA proceeded to pull out a new 100 ml bottle of Mugler's Pure Coffee from a drawer tucked away under the counter. Albeit somewhat surrepitiously handed to me, she made no attempt at concealing the stash from others who were mingling about. She called it a "teaser", a sample bottle that companies sometimes send out as a precursor to a an upcoming launch.

    The gummy outside is dark brown, unlike B*Men's housing. The much-touted golden star is not transparent, like B*Men's red star, but was opaque. I don't remember poking at it or feeling it so I can't say what it's made of.

    Whoooooa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Coffee, coffee and more coffee. Almost too much coffee (possible?). But instantly recognizable as A*Men's child, much more alike A*Men than B*Men actually, although it does seem to share some notes with the latter.

    To my nose, this is a dark roast as far as coffees go. I sense a slight tarryness and mintyness to the coffee that is very present in Papa Angel. The coffee then intensifies and takes star billing. I'd have to go back to it though in order to provide more detail. There are other notes, very pleasant I must say, and long lasting to boot. The mid-note part is well-rounded yet ever-so-subtlely nuanced. It's the drydown that really reminded me of the original and was probably what I liked least about the fragrance, if I dislike anything about it. Again, I tried it yesterday, and just the one time.

    This morning, however, my t-shirt had a warm, powdery, chocolately aura about it, which leads me to believe that the fragrance has four different and distinct phases.

    Will I purchase it? You bet!!!

    Will I wear it in the heat of summer? Maybe only on sultry, breezy nights. Turn heads it will.....


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    If not now, when?

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    Default Re: Terrific Columbian stash

    What store did you smell this at?
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    Default Re: Terrific Columbian stash

    I have to admit, the thread title had me thinking this was another post about the alleged cocaine note in Tom Ford's Tuscan leather. LOL
    Anyway, I'm interested to see how much different Mugler's Pure Coffee will be in comparison to New Haarlem.

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