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    Default MUA's top 25 fragrances. I missed this...

    Did this get mentioned at all? I totally missed this last summer. I'm not surprised by any of the entries, but I am wishing that I had tried more of them. And Chergui in the top spot. I cant fault the Malle (#2) either, but Amber Narguile in third seems like a reach to me.


    Ah, I just realized that I was on vacation and completely removed from technology and fragrances for most of last June...
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    Default Re: MUA's top 25 fragrances. I missed this...

    Bond no. 9 as the 8th best house? Narciso Rodriguez for her before many Chanel and Guerlain classics? How can you not be surprised by these entries?

    Wow...such high rankings to POTL both in 2006 and 2007.

    Chergui as #1? I thought the women at this site were obsessed with some other Lutens..maybe the MUA populace is difference from the perfume blogger membership. Oh yea these are the same perfumista's who say that Angelique encens is the only good Creed. And not a single Dior...Roudnitska would turn in his grave!!

    Some more data mining: I find it interesting that L'Artisan is voted as the 6th best house but there's only 1 L'Artisan scent in the top #25!! Looks like L'Artisan fanboy vote rigging.

    Its an outdated but a mildly amusing list. I don't take MUA seriously but my fiancee looks up Korres, NARs and some other makeup-brand-names-which-i-cant-care-to-recall reviews there.

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    Default Re: MUA's top 25 fragrances. I missed this...

    these are a woman's / womens choices - correct?
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    Default Re: MUA's top 25 fragrances. I missed this...

    Quote Originally Posted by narcus View Post
    these are a woman's / womens choices - correct?

    It's a pretty damn good list. Much better than I would've expected. There are only a few that absolutely shouldn't be there.

    They have some excellent reviewers over there. It's hilarious reading some of the reviews, and there are a lot of them.
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