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    Default Andre Sinan Eleusis

    Does anyone know this?

    I picked up a bottle over the weekend for very cheap. The shop was getting rid of their last few bottles. I just had a quick smell and it was good enough for the price that I bought it. I'll give it a wearing next week and report back on my findings.

    The pyramid, from the above website, is:

    Nutmeg, mandarine, lavender, rosemary
    Ginger, cinnamon, geranium, patchouli, vetiver, some kind of berry
    Myrrh, benzoin

    The berry is listed as "Baie de Saint-Dominique." I wasn't able to figure out what that is. But it sounds kind of Caribbean, so maybe it's allspice. Anyone know?

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    Default Re: Andre Sinan Eleusis

    Hmmm... there's Dominique, the French name of the island of Dominica, an English-speaking island lying between two French-speaking islands, Martinique and Guadeloupe.

    Then, there's Saint-Domingue, the French name for the city of Santo Domingo or the Dominican Republic.

    Both are Caribbean islands, and when I think of Caribbean berries, I guess allspice is what first comes to mind. But in French, that's "piment" or "poivron."

    I'm afraid that's all I can think of: maybe allspice?

    Oh, and the name Eleusis evokes the ancient Greek cult of the Eleusinian mysteries, to which the website alludes indirectly.
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    Default Re: Andre Sinan Eleusis

    I stumbled across the fragrance name today. JaimeB correctly notes the connection of the name to the Eleusinian mysteries, a historical topic that interests me greatly.
    Noggs, I urge you to post a review of that, as there is nothing for Eleusis.
    I wonder if the whole line has gone belly-up. The link to their website is inactive. If they are clearing stock that might be the case.
    Here is all I could find on the 'net. But given the date, it is quite a dated entry.
    Any further info would be appreciated. Shamaballa for men and Shiva also sound interesting.

    “Sinan re-launch, V.O kickoff set”
    WWD Holiday Fragrance supplement, Sept. 13 1985
    NEW YORK -- "Jean-Marc Sinan, Inc., is not here just as a tourist," said Andre Sinan, president of the French couture and fragrance company that carries his brother's name.
    The company has set up a fragrance division at 730 Fifth Ave., hired Lloyd Newman as its president and is geared up for the relaunch of the women's scent, Sinan, this month, and the launch of a men's scent called V.O. (Version Original) next.
    Both fragrances will be backed up by seven-figure advertising and promotion budgets, as well as supported at counters by newly hired sales representatives…

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