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    Default PI, 212 men or Escada M?

    I LOVE all three but really dont want to buy all 3 due to me already having 11 basically full bottles, which one do u think is it best of the 3 in terms of smell/long lasting?
    I brought that Lolieta one today which smells really good and finally got a chance to smell le male which is even worse than angel and here i was thinking it couldnt get any worse from angel...
    theres also hypnose and hei but not too sure about these two. maybe u rank them from best to worse because im sure ill get all 3 somewhere down the line (cough next week) i never knew buying colonge could be so addictive its like a disease because im already down about 500-600 bucks in it

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    Default Re: PI, 212 men or Escada M?

    It is addictive for sure. How did you come up with these choices? These are three different animals and depending on what you already have and like, either one is good.

    However, Pi is the strongest and most long lasting, if you like sweet / vanilla scents. It's too strong for summer, though I wear a little of it some times.

    212 is another good aquatic / fresh scent. Pleasant and pretty popular. Given that summer is close, this one might be the most appropriate choice.

    Magnetism... Good but synthetic, more appropriate for clubbing, IMHO.

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    Default Re: PI, 212 men or Escada M?

    212 or Magnetism. Probably 212.

    I'll take that Angel off your hands too. Drop me a PM.
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    Default Re: PI, 212 men or Escada M?

    im def getting hypnose because its actually cheap lol 3.4 for $40 compared to all the 1.7's i brought for 45+.
    sweet/fruity scents are my favorite but i think i may skip PI seeing as i already have dreamer which is my vanilla(i think...). i got the 3 after smelling about 20+ samples, im sure the lady was ready to jump from behind the counter and slash my neck haha
    if love to sell/trade angel but i'd rather not go tru the hassle unless your living the queens...
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    Default Re: PI, 212 men or Escada M?


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    Default Re: PI, 212 men or Escada M?


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