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    Default Re: The Best of Andy Tauer

    Nice work chad! I'll definitely be up to comparing notes.
    Whats the deal with perfume shipped TO Australia these days? When I lived in Perth, i know there was a ban on fragrance being shipped OUT of Australia, but do they ship still in? Just wondering because I have a heap of minis that id like to post home to mum.

    Cheers re: the Siggy... this horde I cant bare the idea to live without! If you have a few faves of your own Id be happy to make you something similar. Just PM me.
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    Default Re: The Best of Andy Tauer

    Well, for me it's L'air du désert marocain too. It's a perfect representation of wood warmed on the sun. Reminds me of Ambre Sultan of Serge Lutens. But L'air is more delicate and subtile on my skin.

    The second one would be Incense Rosé. For me it's very similar to L'air. L'air is a breath of hot wind in desert, Incense Rosé is a fresh swollow of oasis in the same desert. But it's still the same place in the same desert.

    I would not nominate any for the third place. Or just share it between the rest. They are all masterpieces, butI don't know if I would wear them.
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    Default Re: The Best of Andy Tauer

    Dimitri, I think L'Air and Incense Rose are all you're going to need... but I could be wrong.

    Unfortunately, I missed the bunny contest but I did receive my SECOND free sample of Incense Rose, from Andy, over the weekend. Because of this thread, I decided to order a sample of Le Maroc and got Incense Rose as a freebie! Now, a part of me just wants to buy a bottle solely based on Andy's great customer service but we'll see.
    Andy's such a cool guy...
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    Default Re: The Best of Andy Tauer

    I love Ambre Sultan so it looks like I must have LDDM a try!

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    Default Re: The Best of Andy Tauer

    Based on all the recommendation thus far you must at least sniff L' air, Incense Rose, Lonestar Memmories and Reverie au Jardin.

    L'air as everyone said is amazing, smelling it go through its stages transports you to the desserts of morroco - I can really smell the heat in the sand.

    Incense Rose is also beautiful - it starts with a blast of frankincense and trailed by a well rounded rose.

    Lonestar Memmories is leather bliss

    Reverie au Jardin - some may not like this but I think you or your lady might enjoy it. I think this works well on female chemistry (not to say that this is a feminine scent). It is a beautiful interpretation of lavender with the Tauer twist. I personally love it and have received compliments on it - it works on Sydney's weather as well.

    I have PM you regarding posting items to your mom.
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    Default Re: The Best of Andy Tauer

    dimitri: i've ordered frags from both and with no problems so far. i've yet to try and post outside aus, though, so i'm unsure. i'm going to attempt to follow your lead into the land of the graphical signature, so lets see how it goes!
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    Default Re: The Best of Andy Tauer

    L'Air is his best.

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    Default Re: The Best of Andy Tauer

    I managed to order a sample of Incense Rose & Incense Extreme from Aus Liebe zum Duft (Lucky Scent - didn't seem to have Incence Rose yet) Can't wait to try that one. I read somewhere that Incense Rose uses as an ingredient, of all things, Texas Cedar. My parents happen to live in Dallas, Texas in an area called "Cedar Ridge" which has all these cedars everywhere and which, I might add, give off a wonderful, soft cedar scent. I'm really looking forward to sampling IR & IE!

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    Default Re: The Best of Andy Tauer

    I love cedar. Open any cedar chest you come across and just inhale. When I was small I used to play in mine. My toy chest. Large enoung for 3 kids.

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    Default Re: The Best of Andy Tauer

    Incense extreme is suppose to be very minimalist. It is a very high concentration of Frankincense oil, and that's pretty much what the whole fragrance is built around. I might have not liked it before, but recently I have developed an special appreciation for frankincense.

    Special stuff. One of the treasures of the ancient world.

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    Default Re: The Best of Andy Tauer

    Of course I would have to say Lonestar Memories because I am the person who suggested the name to Andy.
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    Default Re: The Best of Andy Tauer

    Of what I've tried - L'Air du Desert Marocain is the best IMO.

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    Default Re: The Best of Andy Tauer

    Lonestar Memories is my choice. L'Air lacks any sillage on my skin, and longevity is average. It smells good, but not as good as Lonestar in my opinion.
    I'm not a fan of Tauer's work, I like some of his frags, but I think i'd only buy Lonestar, maybe L'air.
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    Default Re: The Best of Andy Tauer

    I only tried four of his work, L'Air du Desert Marocain, Lonestar Memories, Orange Star, and Incense Extreme. My vote is LDDM. Incense Rose and Le Maroc pour Elle are on my sample list.

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    Default Re: The Best of Andy Tauer

    Incense Extreme
    Incense Rose
    Rose Chypree
    L'Air Du Desert Marocain

    That's how I rank my favs.

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    Default Re: The Best of Andy Tauer

    L'Air du Desert Marocain
    Lonestar Memories
    Incense Rose

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    Default Re: The Best of Andy Tauer

    Le Maroc Pour Elle
    Une Rose Vermeille
    Lys du Desert
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    Default Re: The Best of Andy Tauer

    L'air brought tears to my eyes, too. But why does every perfume have tar, tar and yet more tar!!

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    Default Re: The Best of Andy Tauer

    LDDM and Une Rose de Kandahar are the one two I love. Noontide Petals is a pretty solid release also. The others range from ok (but better versions out there) to scrubber.
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    Default Re: The Best of Andy Tauer

    LDDM, Orris, Vetiver Dance and Reverie au Jardin.
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    Default Re: The Best of Andy Tauer

    LDDM - the classic
    Incense Extreme - nice Tauer take on incense
    Vetiver Dance - love this slant on Vetiver

    And the dark horse:

    Pentachord Verdant

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    Default Re: The Best of Andy Tauer

    I'm going to have to try Vetiver Dance.

    My favorite Tauers, which would easily make my Top 20 list:
    Lonestar Memories
    Incense Extreme

    Honorable mentions to:
    Orange Star
    Incense Rosé
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