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    Default My first adventure in decanting.

    So, after days of reading threads, I finally figured out what the Perfumed Court was and placed an order with them on Friday. I'm soooo excited. I did a selection of four 1.5ml spray vials.

    1. Bigarade concentree
    2. L'eau d'hiver
    3. Terre d'Hermes
    4. Jardin sur le nil

    I only realized after I placed my order that I'd done a straight Jean-Claude Ellena ticket, which I guess isn't as courageous as I'd like to have been, but having just finished "The Perfect Scent" by Chandler Burr, all four of these frags are discussed in detail so I wanted to experience them for myself.

    I'm particularly excited about Terre d'Hermes. My mom got a bottle of Eau de Merveilles and I think it's delicious. I would happily wear it myself, but I read somewhere that Terre d'Hermes is kind of like a masculine version of Merveilles.

    Would you guys like to hear my thoughts on this quartet when they get here?

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    Talking Re: My first adventure in decanting.

    Would you guys like to hear my thoughts on this quartet when they get here?
    Uhm, nope.

    (so, now what? )
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    Default Re: My first adventure in decanting.

    Yes, please let us know what you think and how they compare to your expectations.
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    Post Re: My first adventure in decanting.

    I for one, will be patiently awaiting your reviews of these fragrances,once they arrive, and you test them.
    Welcome to basenotes.
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    Default Re: My first adventure in decanting.

    Thanks for the welcome!

    I am particularly interested in the Bigarade concentree. I like citrus a lot, but I'm bored with a lot of people's approach to them. Also, I found the rumored "skin" smell to be an inducement. A lot of frags that are popular in the US are kind of overly-clean. Someone I read said "Bigarade" smells like "a cab driver peeling an orange". And I thought, "Hm. Is that a <i>sexy</i> cab driver?"

    Some people have said that l'Eau d'hiver is way too feminine for male wear, but if I find that to be the case, I'll just take it to my mom the next time I go visit her in my home town and see what she thinks of it.

    Again, thanks for welcoming me to the fold, here.

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    Default Re: My first adventure in decanting.

    Welcome - looking forward to reading your thoughts after you sniff them. Do yourself a favor and give them two full complete wearings before you make a quick assesment of them. Those four scents are pretty complex fragrances and they should not be judged based upon sampling just once IMO.

    I love all of them, except for L'Eau d'Hiver which I found too powdery for my tastes.

    I also think that Terre de Hermes is a great fragrance and should not be labeled as Eau des Merveilles for men. Terre de Hermes is overall a sparkling woody fragrance, conjuring up images of flint, earth and dried leaves. Eau des Merveilles is a citrus and ambergris prominent scent, evoking the beach, ocean water and a slightly sweet orange accord. If you want a 'mans' version of Eau des Merveilles then try the Parfum des Merveilles which has the same basenotes as EdM, but with a slightly boozy accord in the middle and an amped up patchouli accord in the base.
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    Default Re: My first adventure in decanting.

    Welcome to Basenotes Very nice choices, and do let us know what you think.
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