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    Default Severe Thunderstorm Warning!

    I bought a bunch of Demeter scents last fall and tried most of them once and put them aside. Yesterday, on a fluke, I splashed on some Thunderstorm. I wasn't sure what to make of it. My partner said it smelled like dirt and grass and it just seemed synthetic and bizarre, but not unpleasant, to me. The weird news though, is that I slept in my t-shirt and when I woke of this morning ... It still smelled strongly of Thunderstorm. Now, I'm not sure I like it very much, but now I'm thinking that maybe all the uniform "no longevity" talk about Demeter might not be at all accurate. Is it because it was on cotton in addition to skin or what? Has anybody else had this experience?

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    Default Re: Severe Thunderstorm Warning!

    Thunderstorm is what Dirt should have been.
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    Default Re: Severe Thunderstorm Warning!

    Azzaro Visit is pretty much asphalt after a thunderstorm in the summertime - to me that is.
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    Default Re: Severe Thunderstorm Warning!

    I think it has been discussed a few times that Thunderstorm is one of the few Demeters that has incredibly good longevity. Another is Play-Doh.

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