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    Default Ladies, know anything about hibiscus oil?

    Hi there ladies. I'm currently in the search for my first cologne, but during my search I, for fun, looked at the reviews of my mother's current perfume that she's used since I guess it came out; 360 Degrees for Women. Very funny (negative) reviews! I never thought it as being bad, she must wear it well. The only other scent I think I remember her having might have been Opium. I think I remember reading it on the bottle when I was little and being confused that a drug could be a perfume.

    Anyway while I was searching for my own cologne (as opposed to my dad's Vetiver, which I love) I was reminded of stories that I believe either the seventies or early eighties she used to wear a certain type of hibiscus oil or perfume that was so distinct that it even foiled her once trying to surprise her parents at their house when they came back from a vacation. My grandfather had apparently known she was in the house because he caught a whiff the hibiscus oil. It apparently then just disappeared from commerce and I don't think she's been really truly satisfied with scents since. Apparently that is what my grandmother started to wear and she decided to wear it too.

    Anyway, I guess the point of the story is, since reading such negative reviews of her current perfume, I thought I could do a mitzvah (good Jewish boy) and try and either track down this mysterious oil, or try and find a substitute for her. I've googled hibiscus oil before and it usually only brings up products that HAVE it in it. Another was a site of essential oils made by some sort of yogis, but we never ordered any to see if it smelled like it. The only thing we've found was a family friend works at a salon or with a make-up company and apparently had an oil called hibiscus that she gave a sample to my mother, but it did not smell the same. So I guess, really REALLY vague, as I'm sure essential oils were everywhere in the seventies, but I was wondering if anybody could recall such a thing as hibiscus oil. Any advice or directions in which to send me would be appreciated! I might ask her if she remembers a brand or a name soon as well.


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    Default Re: Ladies, know anything about hibiscus oil?

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    I can't help you with the hibiscus oil, but there's a fragrance, "Scent" by Costume National that has the following notes:
    top note: jasmine tea middle note: HIBISCUS Base Note: Amber
    I like to wear it when I want something fresh but different at the same time. It's neither too woody, nor too floral. Perhaps you'd like to try it.

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    The Fragrance Shop has perfume oils of hibiscus and hibiscus passion. They have shops in Miami Beach, Delray Beach, New Orleans and Laguna Beach. They will send samples for $3.50 each.

    Here's a link to their homepage:

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