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    Post Most complimented

    Hello everyone,

    Which fragrance have you received most compliments on ever? And by which gender?

    For me it was Lancome Hypnose.

    Thank you

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    Smile Re: Most complimented

    Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue. By both genders! I got on to it after hearing a radio interview with Chandler Burr (NY Times scent critic).The man is the David and Margaret of the perfume world!
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    Default Re: Most complimented

    Thank you for your reply tdrps! It just fascinates me what people actually get complimented on (as opposed to what they think will get compliments )

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    Default Re: Most complimented

    Aqua Allegoria Ylang & Vanille has been the one for me.

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    Default Re: Most complimented

    That one sounds lovely Fiori

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    Default Re: Most complimented

    Cristobal is my compliment getter - mainly from women.
    Men seem to like Cinnabar and Allure Sensuelle.

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    Default Re: Most complimented

    Cristobol, Burberry Brit (usually from men), L de Lolita Lempicka ( also from men), Cherugi, Fifi Chachnil ( hubby likes this one), POTL Luctor et Emergo, and believe it or not Angel are the ones I get more compliments on when I wear them. I have a friend who asks me what I am wearing everytime I have on Kelly Caleche also, because she says it smells so good, but I only have a decant of it so far.

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    Default Re: Most complimented

    Wow Cristobal landed two votes Chergui with those sandalwood notes is not a suprise! Angel always seems to pop up in these sorts of lists ha?

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    Default Re: Most complimented

    My compliment getters are Chergui,Angel,Crystal Noir and Trouble.

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    My other half rarely comments on my perfume unless I make him sniff and then ask him what he thinks.
    I've had compliments from my colleagues on Gardenia Musk (Ava Luxe), Tabac Blond and Musc Ravageur, but it's rare for strangers to talk to each other in London so I've never had any comments from people I don't know.
    My boyfriend had to move to Manchester after getting a job there and was amazed that complete strangers would be friendly and come up and talk to him - that never happens in London!

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    Default Re: Most complimented

    Compliments from male acquaintances on TBS Amorito and Lipstick Rose, not much else I remember. My mother was raving about the perfume I wore today - she loved it and so did my sis and bf. Turned out to be Eau des Merveilles... I'm now thinking it is fbw I don't often get complimented on smell.

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    Default Re: Most complimented

    Leonard Tamango

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    Default Re: Most complimented

    I've recently received compliments on Un Bois Vanille - more than once actually!

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    Default Re: Most complimented

    My biggest compliment-getter so far is Sung by Alfred Sung, mostly from women but its my hubby's favourite too. Have received some compliments from men when wearing Coco Chanel.

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    Default Re: Most complimented

    Alien is by far my biggest compliment getter. I get compliments from both men and women when I wear Alien. I usually get compliments from both genders young and old. Men mostly love the sweet smellin stuff on me. The other ones that I often get compliments on are......

    Coco Mademoiselle
    Lolita Lempicka
    So In Love
    Belle en Rykiel
    Aimez Moi

    Whenever I wear the above, I get a compliment.
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    Mine are Crystal Noir, Coco Mademoiselle, Alien, Fracas, Gugo Boss Intense. Most of them are quite sweet.
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    Default Re: Most complimented

    Pink Sugar (from both sexes)
    Angel (from both sexes)
    Escada Margaretha Ley (from men)

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    From men - Shalimar has been my biggest "compliment" getter over the years. Lately, (last year or so) Shocking, Burberry Brit, and Juicy Couture (most recent) have all received several lovely compliments esp. the Juicy.

    From woman - Shocking, Juicy Couture (Sat. nite), Montaigne, Brit, and Spiritueuse Double Vanille have garnered a few nods.
    "Woe to the one who's love of elixirs, grows into madness"

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    Default Re: Most complimented

    Flowerbomb continues to elicit the most compliments for me, from men & women. People lean in close to inhale me.
    Sniff and let sniff.

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    The power of bleu
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    Default Re: Most complimented

    Angel by a mile, but then again, I've worn her the longest. I get compliments from friends, family, strangers nearly every time I wear it ...

    Pink Sugar
    Ambre Sultan
    Le Baiser du Dragon
    I've trademarked the color bleu

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    I smell something
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    Default Re: Most complimented

    From men and women alike:

    Habit Rouge
    Anne Pliska
    Perfect Veil
    Chanel Coromandel
    "I felt something so intense, I could only express it in a perfume." - Jacques Guerlain

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    Default Re: Most complimented

    From men: Love's True Bluish Light.

    From women: Samsara, Cristobal, and amazingly Mitsouko.
    Currently wearing: Bluebell by Penhaligon's

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    Default Re: Most complimented

    Chanel Allure Sensuelle,
    Dolce & Gabbana Feminine
    Versace Crystal Noir.

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    Default Re: Most complimented

    From men: Sacre, Sacrebleu, Champs Elysees, L'Heure Bleue, Black Cashmere.

    From women: Jicky, Burberry Brit, Sacrebleu, Miss Rocaille, Champs-Elysées.

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    Default Re: Most complimented

    Philosophy Falling in Love

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    Default Re: Most complimented

    from females = FM - Musc Ravageur, Outrageous!, Creed SMW

    males = D&G PH
    CDG 3 (The one you CAN'T find anywhere) for trade.
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    Default Re: Most complimented

    Quite a mix there.

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    Default Re: Most complimented

    I received the most compliments wearing Lolita Lempicka L and City Glam. Men seem to love both of them and women have said something about L.

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    I receive the most compliments with Coco Mademoiselle, Le Baiser du Dragon and Samsara.

    I believe there was another thread about sniffing a perfume you wore on someone else and it reminded me of something that happened to me last year. I usually only wear Samsara at night because I feel it's too much for the office. One of my female employees came in one day and she smelled divine, I asked her what she was wearing and she told me she only wears Samsara. I could not believe it as it did not smell anything like it does on me.

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    Default Re: Most complimented

    This may sound pretentious, but it is the truth. I have received compliments on everything I have ever worn, from the most random of people. I have had little children, while I was doing a practicum in a classroom, say "oooohhhh you smell yummy" when I was wearing Jasmin Imperatrice Eugenie. When I was at at student teaching meeting the other day, the director of student teaching came in and said "wow, someone smells wonderful", I was doused in Arpege, so I said thank you. I have always felt; it is not what you wear, it is how you wear it. I adore everything I own, and this makes the difference I believe. I douse myself in scent with abandon; for anyone who has been "perfumed" in one of the french fragrance houses you know what I mean; especially Caron, who will keep spraying head to toe, until you are surrounded by a huge fragrant cloud. So I am always 'well fragranced' and love the feeling, and I guess that makes others very receptive also.
    Enjoy your friday everyone
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