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    Hi, thanks for the pointers you give me the other day. I have to ask for your recommendations on the most appropriate frag to wear in Casual and Formal settings. I need to add that I am 52 and I attend lots of conferences and meetings throughout the year. Could you please make your recommendations along the following lines: The Classic and Niche frags.


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    Creed Royal English Leather
    Creed Acier Aluminium

    Creed Vintage Tabarome
    Creed Bois du Portugal

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    Hm, I just bought a bottle of Paco Rabanne Metal and that might suit you. It's well made but agh... I hate soapy scents. But it is perfectly appropriate at all times.
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    Hello everybody, Thanks so much for the recomendations. I have already made my orders at FragranceNet. What do you know about Fragrance Express and I came across these two e-stores on ebay. I just want to know what you think about these two.

    Thanks again


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