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    Default UJEM vs. Miller et Bertaux #3

    My friends,

    I've heard a lot of talk about the two being identical. I have experienced a sample of MeB#3 (courtesy of a very generous basenoter) and the hand-lotion of UJEM. Both seem very similar; alas, the comparison of a fragrance versus a lotion is detrimental to the conclusion as to which one is better.

    Therefore, I politely request, those of you who have experienced both Un Jardin en Meditteranee and Miller et Bertaux #3, or just UJEM, what do you like about them, and what do you dislike about them? I know enough about MeB#3 to know that the first five-ten minutes aren't so great, but after that it's sheer bliss. I'm wondering if the drydown of UJEM is the same, or if it's similar in nature.

    I have heard many users proclaim that both are identical; and though they may appear to be through the hand lotion and fragrance, I'm not so sure how the fragrance version of UJEM would work on my skin relative to MeB#3. They key highlights in MeB#3 for me are the exquisite use of a sweet, honeyed bay leaf and a the retaining of a crisp and fresh tone throughout the life. I would hate to buy UJEM and experience a dulling of the scent in its heart and base notes.

    Right now I'm leaning towards UJEM, because I have Un Jardin sur le Nil; and the fact that my parents would pay me back for the purchase of UJEM, which I can obtain for ~ $53 -- half of MeB#3. However, we cannot put a price on happiness, and so I'm looking to be reassured about UJEM. I haven't heard much, but I'm going to search (HANDY!) opinions once I make this post. Thanks for all the help, guys.


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    Default Re: UJEM vs. Miller et Bertaux #3

    I find MeB#3 to be, as the name portends, much, much greener than UJEM. To me, the citrus in MeB#3 is subordinate to the green stuff. The first time I tried it it felt like I'd just rubbed my nose in a handful of fresh grass clippings. In fact, since I'm currently suffering a bit from hayfever I'm finding it difficult to even wax lyrical about it. It's green-ness is in fact quite harsh at first, and contrary to other reviews I've read, I find it quite strong and long lasting. I do, despite my comments, like it quite a lot by the way, a warm weather, out-doorsy kind of scent.

    I guess I'd call UJEM a woodier, smoother and perhaps for that reason more versatile scent, though I have less experience with it than I do with MeB#3.
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    Default Re: UJEM vs. Miller et Bertaux #3

    I ordered a bottle of UJEM. I heard a lot of positive feedback about it; and if it's not as green and sharp as I like MeB#3 to be, then oh well. I liked Terre d'Hermes, but ended up ordering UJSLN, and now I wouldn't have it any other way. I can adapt.

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    Default Re: UJEM vs. Miller et Bertaux #3

    I think you'll like the UJEM Nik. Like someone mentioned above, it's cedar prominence is the first striking thing you notice about the scent. And not cedar in a sauna/cut plank wood way, but in more of a natural cedar tree planted in the ground. The first time I smelled UJEM at Sephora years ago I was shopping with a friend of mine. She hated the way it smelled, but her description of it was spot on and was one of the reasons I love it so: 'Fruit salad smashed up against the side of a tree in summer'. This is the smell of UJEM in my opinion. Lovely. Enjoy!
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    Default Re: UJEM vs. Miller et Bertaux #3

    UJEM hands down! #3 is an unworthy clone.

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    Default Re: UJEM vs. Miller et Bertaux #3

    To me UJEM is fuller and deeper than the #3 although they do share a lot in common. Despite being a richer scent, the dryness of the cedar in UJEM makes it appropriate even for hot temperatures.

    I don't know about the longevity of #3, but UJEM lasts and lasts on me and has the perfect amount of sillage.

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    Default Re: UJEM vs. Miller et Bertaux #3

    I'm glad I'm hearing all of this feedback. UJSLN lasts no less than 10 hours on me (we're talking about people still being able to smell it as they walk by me), and so I was hoping that the sister-scent would fare just as well... sounds like it will!

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