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    Default Maitre bottles: Re-fillable vs. non-refillable...

    I see two distinct bottles for the men's fragrances from Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier.
    I also see their site lists 16.6oz refills for most men's scents.
    About the bottles...
    One is smooth and flask-like with a narrowed base:

    the other with an argyle pattern in the glass and a regular base:

    1st. Are they both spray ? Or is one splash ?

    2nd. Is only one bottle type re-fillable ? Or both ?

    Thanks for any answers.

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    Default Re: Maitre bottles: Re-fillable vs. non-refillable...

    To my recollection, they are both spray bottles.
    MPG is changing their bottle design from argyle rectangular to the smooth flask like. They used to have 2 distinct shapes (as outlined in your original note) in the man's line. The rectangular bottles are being phased out as we speak.
    I have tried to unscrew the sprayer in one of my rectangular bottles only and it worked. No experience on flask like bottle yet......
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    Default Re: Maitre bottles: Re-fillable vs. non-refillable...

    Yes. They have changed the bottles. All the new bottles are like the bottles of BAIME and GRAIN DE PLAISIR. These two last ones are not refillable. All others bottles are reffilable ( 400 ml). (

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    Default Re: Maitre bottles: Re-fillable vs. non-refillable...

    SO you're saying the smooth bottles with the narrow base are newer ?
    And all the bottles with the argyle glass are old, and re-fillable ?

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