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    Default Aquatic Spring/Summer fragrances

    Imagine crystal clear tropical blue waters. What fragrance embodies that?

    I recently posed the question to the board to choose a scent for me based on appearance, activities, career etc. I have taken those suggestions and ordered samples. I find that I am drawn to wood and spice but when the weather heats up and I am outside and active I want to still wear some cologne. That's why we like Basenotes right. I ordered Bvlgari Aqva because after sampling, it was aqua with spice so it clicked for me. I would like to add an aquatic fragrance that smells like the scenario above. Thanks to those who take time to give fragrance suggestions.

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    You have the blue water of island of VIVARA by Emilio Pucci....try it...

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    Default Re: Aquatic Spring/Summer fragrances

    Here is one that I don't think anybody will think of...Sandflowers by Montale. It is a beautiful aquatic but not too heavy on the floral aspect. It's just right.

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    Default Re: Aquatic Spring/Summer fragrances

    Mare by Beth Terry Creative Universe

    The aquatic that even aquatic-haters (like me) love.
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    Another vote for Mare. Aqua Motu is also worth trying for a similar effect.

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