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    Default Has anyone tried Flowerbomb EDT?

    I've got 2 bottles of the EDP and a decant of the Extreme but have never sniffed the EDT. It's rather hard to find and I can't get my hands on a sample. So has anyone sniffed it, and how does it compare to the EDP?

    And when is Viktor and Rolf coming out with a frag?
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    Default Re: Has anyone tried Flowerbomb EDT?

    I tried it and hated it. Oh well.
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    Default Re: Has anyone tried Flowerbomb EDT?

    I tried it out quite a while ago. It's far too powder-heavy for me . Don't know why, but on my skin, if there's a "powdery" note hidden anywhere in a scent's composition it will show up and disgrace itself!
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    Default Re: Has anyone tried Flowerbomb EDT?

    I've tried the EDP the past two times I've been looking at fragrances and both times it smelled different to me. It's much sweeter on the card than it dries down to on my skin. I'm kind of on the fence and have been trying to get a sample so I can try it over a week or so. Haven't tried the EDT.

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    Default Re: Has anyone tried Flowerbomb EDT?

    I found it very heavy on the powder, and also extremely cloying. But then I found that with the edp as well. I actually couldn't breathe and had to scrub about 10 mins. in. FBomb is definitely not for me!
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