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    Default specialty fragrance houses

    hello there any fragrance house which tries to capture smells like for eg. the way mud reacts to first rain or damp moist earth in a rain forest or a perfectly ripe fruit and so on.....if so, could you please share your experiences?

    Please pardon me if this topic is repeated...
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    Default Re: specialty fragrance houses

    Creed Epicea and Cypres Musc smell like a rainforest.

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    Default Re: specialty fragrance houses

    Actually L'Artisan Parfumeur is supposed to have in its DNA the mission to create olfactive landscapes etc... but also many others.
    For example I always get the fresh cut grass of a field in a spring morning from the opening notes of Yerbamate.

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    This is what you are looking for.

    Its amazing and its on sale right now.

    I just noticed you are from India, so you probably know all about Mitti Attar.
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    excellent!! you guys are just amazing, you all are like google search...a result for every search.

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    ajmc... great suggestion! I'd never heard of that... A couple others I can suggest are Demeter Thunderstorm, CB I Hate Perfume Wild Hunt (it has that funny but great smell of rain hitting sidewalk.. it's like mushroomy and rounded... it's really cool!).

    AH! I just read your post again... you are looking for a house with very defined scent moments! Both Demeter and CB have many many offerings in the way of scent experiences for you to sift through.
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