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    I am one of the newbies to this board, so thanks in advance for being patient...
    I have been searching for some time for my "ideal" vanilla scent(s). I love the smell of vanilla, but don't want to smell like I've been dunked in waffle cone batter. All of the more "sophisticated" vanilla fragrances I've tried aren't vanilla-y enough for me. I really like Tihota, but for $250 a bottle I need to be mad for it to buy it, and I'm not. Any ideas or recommendations? Thanks!

    Update June 18 2008
    Well, after trying Tihota multiple times I became mad, no, make that insanely obsessed with it. Somehow I got my paws on TWO bottles of it. Just sold one. The other is as dreamy and loved as ever, since purchasing in May. Of the fragrances suggested I've tried most now, and have come up with several that are FBW. My top ten straight up, vanilla is the star, vanillas (in no order except Tihota is number one):
    CSP Vanille Extreme
    Montale Vanille Absolu
    SL Un Bois Vanille
    Des Filles a la Vanille, Vanille
    Molinard Les Senteurs Vanille (less expensive)
    Laurence Dumont Vanille Bourbon (really inexpensive)
    Ligne St. Barth Vanille West Indies
    IPFD Vaniglia del Madagascar
    and: Jalaine Vanille (probably my second favorite)

    Am also working on a top ten list of Vanilla + where vanilla is still the star, but other notes are also important, not just accents.

    Thanks again, everyone
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