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    Default Pleasure's Intense?

    I noticed pleasure Intense on fragrancenet, i never knew it existed and i'm a fan of pleasures. Anyone know what it's like and what notes are emphasised?

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    Default Re: Pleasure's Intense?

    Ginger! Its not intense as in long lasting just a more dom red ginger note in the top and middle notes of the fragrance.

    The scent has an overall fizzy tonic feeling.

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    Default Re: Pleasure's Intense?

    Oh snap, so not very floral i assume?

    gee how embarrassing i just realized i put an apostrophe in the title. suicide is my only option!

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    Default Re: Pleasure's Intense?

    I am a fan of the original Pleasures and wanted to hear opinions about Intense as well I never encountered it anywhere and it seems like it has not been popular.

    Scentimus, re you saying that the original is better balanced that the Intense?

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    Default Re: Pleasure's Intense?

    Lauder Pleasures for Men Intense is/was a Travel Retail Exclusive, meant only to be sold at duty free shops.

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    Default Re: Pleasure's Intense?

    Not a great fragrance actually. i had a botle that i got only for a pretty penny and was highly disappointed. the original is so much better. the original is soapy and marine confy and clean. love it. reminds me of high school

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