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    Default Smithsonian Feb. 2008: Santa Maria Novella

    Smithsonian article about Santa Maria Novella: Heaven Scent.
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    Default Re: Smithsonian Feb. 2008: Santa Maria Novella

    Thanks Quarry! That article was really fascinating. I had no idea of the story behind Santa Maria Novella, although I did now they were a very old company. Makes me really want to try some of their fragrances now.

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    Default Re: Smithsonian Feb. 2008: Santa Maria Novella

    Thanks for posting - perhaps this house doesn't get enough attention.

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    Default Re: Smithsonian Feb. 2008: Santa Maria Novella

    Don't you love that Quarry reads the Smithsonian Magazine?
    It's so you, Q!
    (I mean that nicely. As in 'intelligent and inquisitive'.)
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    Default Re: Smithsonian Feb. 2008: Santa Maria Novella

    I really think that Santa Maria Novella fragrances should be more widely known. I have "Città di Kyoto", a fresh but complex scent with notes of iris, lotus, bergamot, orange, jasmine, hyacinth, rose, hawthorn, ylang-ylang, plum, peach, cinammon, cypress, lavender, birch, sandalwood, gaiac wood, cedar, ebony, patchouli, ambergris and vanilla. As you can see, it's a modern scent and it's nothing to do with the more classical perfumes that the house usually sells. The last time I visited their shop in Barcelona I sampled "Nostalgia", a masculine fragrance that really surprised me: imagine a car repair garage and its smells. The top note is just that. Amazing.

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    Default Re: Smithsonian Feb. 2008: Santa Maria Novella

    Oh the memories!! I was lucky enough to visit SMN in Florence in 2006.
    It was such an atmospheric place. I bought the Eau de Cologne Classica
    and then my sister bought me Melograno last year for my birthday.
    Both scents have a very timeless, classic appeal about them and both
    are very unusual. I'd love to try their Iris one.
    The bottles are really lovely and so are the labels. You can use them
    as a splash or there is an atomiser popped in the box too.
    Wonderful quality and variety at prices that are not extortionate
    (about £45 a bottle I seem to remember).

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