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    Default Summer is almost here!!

    And with that there will be the usual array of summer fragrances poping up in stores!!

    I was doing a bit of snooping about, in order to find out information about ome of the summer editions coming out and here is what I have found out, with details where possible.

    The summer fragrances due for release in the next few weeks are

    Burberry Summer for Men (30 for 100ml)
    Ted Baker Summer Nights 75ml
    Davidoff Cool Water Freeze Me (25 for 125ml)
    Joop Hot Summer (25 for 125ml)
    Paul Smith Sunshine (30 for 100ml)

    I also spoke with the sales advisor at JPG/Issey Miyake counter regarding the new release who explained that the new IM summer would be released in April at 32.50 for 125ml, and the summer version of Le Male would follow in May.

    YSL will soon have the new summer version L'Homme Eau D'Ete 2008 as well as the new version of Opium much talked about here.

    The new Tommy Hilfiger Summer looks nice with it's striped them and notes of coconut milk and orange blossom make it one of the more interesting summer varieties!

    Davidoff will also release a summer version of their Cool Water Game entitled Happy Summer, which should follow shortly after the Freeze Me release.

    Of course we have more CK releases on the way, with a limited edition of Eternity for men late on in April and CK One the month after. the Eternity Summer Editions have been retty good on occasion, so we will see if this one is worthwhile...

    We also have the summer edition of Very Irresistable for men by Givenchy. The 2007 edition asn't that impressive, but I am not a fan of the original anyway.

    That means there is a lot to be checking out in the next month or two, not forgetting the large number of new releases heading our way, but that is for other posts!

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    Default Re: Summer is almost here!!

    will escada sunset heat also be out? i'm looking forward to alot of thses as sweet/fresh scents are my favorite.

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    Default Re: Summer is almost here!!

    Yay! Just what we need...more acquatics!

    Davidoff Cool Water Freeze Me?
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    Default Re: Summer is almost here!!

    The freeze me sounds like it might remove warts??

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    Default Re: Summer is almost here!!

    Oh, another summer edition of Cool Water. I think I`ll give it a try, because their Frozen & Summer Fizz was pretty good!
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