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    Default Now, Voyager fragrance

    What perfume do you think the Charlotte Vail was given in the 1942 film Now, Vovager? Was it usual to wear in in one's hair?

    "Shall I tell you what you've given me? On that very first day, a little bottle of perfume made me feel important. You were my first friend. And then when you fell in love with me, I was so proud. And when I came home, I needed something to make me feel proud. And your camellias arrived, and I knew you were thinking about me. Oh, I could have walked into a den of lions. As a matter of fact, I did, and the lions didn't hurt me."

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    Default Re: Now, Voyager fragrance

    Oh, what a great film, and a shimmering performance from La Davis.
    In an earlier scene when Charlotte pins Jerry's camellias to her elegant black evening dress, she reaches for the perfume, tips a little into the palm of her hand, then pats the front of her hair with the palm as her disapproving mother looks on. It is a wonderful scene which fixed perfume in my mind as a form of liberating self-expression.

    What would Charlotte wear? More camellias, or something else? Light, like Apres L'Ondee, or more seductive, like Narcisse Noir?
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    Default Re: Now, Voyager fragrance

    Now where did I read something about wearing Youth Dew in your hair?

    This is a great question - it's had me thinking all day. And since our own directory is out of order I've been scanning through the Osmoz database for the dates of things. It's not as comprehensive as the Basenotes listing, so I only have the top line on a lot of perfumes. These are all ones that were released before 1949 though.

    It would be something that a shy woman would feel comfortable wearing, yet also something that gave her confidence. So nothing overtly sexy like Shalimar. Maybe Mitsouko - the peaches are approachable but the moss gives it a tang. It's something a shy girl would like to be thought capable of wearing. But then, one of the gentler scents like Apres L'Ondee or the melancholy L'Heure Bleue would be easier for a shy woman to wear to start with and hugely comforting and elegant later in her story.

    I have a feeling the perfume was some well-known 'name' - I don't know why. Perhaps Miss Dior, or Joy - both floral-based classics as are Chanel No.5 and Arpege. Le Dix (Balenciaga) and Vol de Nuit were released by then but both are a little oriental and sophisticated - perhaps too much for the mousy Charlotte to accept? Ma Griffe is rather too spiky and green but Je Reviens is a lovely fragrance, with a light touch and an interestingly rich heart/base along with a lovely name - 'I will come back'. I don't know which Creeds or Carons were released by then, but I bet there are some wonderful candidates in their ranges, also 'trad' companies like Fragonard.

    I'd like it to be Mitsouko, L'Heure Bleue or Je Reviens.
    Now I want to watch the film again to see what I can imagine her wearing to compliment those camellias.
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    Default Re: Now, Voyager fragrance

    'Je Reviens is a lovely fragrance, with a light touch and an interestingly rich heart/base along with a lovely name - 'I will come back'.'

    That's a great choice, Wordbird. She was still shy but no longer mousy. However, her new found self-assurance and resolve both hung by a thread.

    Now I want to watch the film again but must go to bed.

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    Default Re: Now, Voyager fragrance

    Oh I love Bette Davis' films! Wonderful performances and that fabulous voice. So many stars of the 40's and 50's had amazing voices, Joan Crawford, Barbara Stanwyck,........sorry I'm wittering. I think Charlotte Vail's perfume would have been uplifting and very romantic, tapping into emotions long hidden away. I searched 'Now Voyager perfume' and read that the fragrance was called Jolies Fleurs. Was this a real perfume, or imagined for the book/film? Could it have been alluding to Houbigant Quelque Fleurs? This is such an interesting thread, I'm keen to read the other replies.

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    Default Re: Now, Voyager fragrance

    I don't know the novel other than it was written by Olive Higgens Prouty. The title comes from Walt Witman's Leaves of Grass:

    Now, voyager, sail thou forth to seek and find

    I'm sure the film gives no specific name of perfume, though the camellias are referred to more than once. I'd love to know if it is mentioned at all in the book, though the mystery of not knowing is wonderful in itself.

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    Default Re: Now, Voyager fragrance

    I am the hugest BD fan ever. I am sure they even show the bottle in the film. Or am I imagining this? That would help to identify it. Probably made up for the movie, though.
    I do associate BD with Cabochard, for some reason. Maybe I heard she wore that or something? I don't remember.

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